Omega Labyrinth Life - Nintendo Switch Review

A Bust Filled Adventure Full of Growth

Game Info:

  • System: Nintendo Switch, PS4
  • Publisher: D3 Publisher
  • Developer: D3 Publisher
  • Release Date: August 1, 2019

Who it Caters to

Omega-Labyrinth-Life-game Omega Labyrinth Life - Nintendo Switch Review
Usually when someone talks about a dungeon RPG, you think of serious combat filled gameplay with scary monsters and trap filled dungeons. Omega Labyrinth Life still retains that trap/monster filled dungeon theme, but this isn’t a scary RPG filled with danger. Well, danger might exist if you worry about your nose running with blood filled glory as your eyes oggle on more fan service than most games deliver. Omega Labyrinth Life is going to be a fun game to review as we dive headlong into this ecchi filled roguelike title with pleasure on our faces. If you want to learn more, then scroll on down and join us as we review Omega Labyrinth Life for the Nintendo Switch!

What to Expect

Omega-Labyrinth-Life-game Omega Labyrinth Life - Nintendo Switch Review
Omega Labyrinth Life is a third person dungeon RPG where you must guide various girls through perilous dungeons. As you gain new weapons and armaments you can level your girls up and watch as their bust size increases showing their level progression, though their size does return to normal upon exiting any dungeon. Partake in various mini games where you help your girls “get excited” so they can appraise items for you and even help gardens blossom with their sweat. Omega Labyrinth Life is an anime themed joy ride filled with oppai, RPG glory and tons of fanservice!


Omega-Labyrinth-Life-game Omega Labyrinth Life - Nintendo Switch Review
Hinata has just arrived at a school she’s longed to go to for some time, Belles Fleurs Academy! Upon arriving at the academy, Hinata quickly finds herself wrapped in a bizarre situation when she is teleported into an odd dungeon filled with threats all around. Guided by a mystical fairy-like entity, Hinata survives but this won’t be her last odd moment. Belles Fleurs Academy and its students now are all going to be busy defending their school from a strange evil force! Can these voluptuous girls defend their school and possibly stop an evil force!?


Omega-Labyrinth-Life-game Omega Labyrinth Life - Nintendo Switch Review
Unknown to most—for obvious reasons— Omega Labyrinth Life isn’t the first and only entry in this dungeon crawling RPG. Several years ago in 2015, D3 Publisher created Omega Labyrinth which would be a Japanese exclusive for numerous reasons but one probably guess it’s the amount of fan service. Though in a twist of fate Omega Labyrinth Life—the newest title—has released to us Westerners on both the Nintendo Switch and PS4. We obtained both versions and while we won’t review both in full—that would take us an extremely long time—we do make note of differences between both versions further in our review. However, aside from that our focus is Omega Labyrinth Life for the Nintendo Switch and our review of this very ecchi infused RPG awaits only a paragraph away!

Omega Labyrinth Life has players taking control of Hinata who has dreamed of going to a prestigious school and finally has arrived. Not two seconds pass on the grounds does Hinata experience a weird teleportation that lands her in a strange dungeon filled with monsters and deadly traps! Hinata quickly learns that she has the means of fighting these baddies and as she kills them, she gains Omega Power that levels her and her oppai up! The fact that a girls oppai grow as she levels up should begin to open your eyes to what you can expect from Omega Labyrinth Life. Let’s forget oppai for a moment—as hard as that is—to focus on the gameplay and what exactly you’ll be doing in Omega Labyrinth Life.

Seeing as how Omega Labyrinth Life focuses on roguelike dungeon RPG elements, it should be easy to piece together what you can expect. Players will navigate various girls and fight through randomly crafted dungeon that change each time the player enters one. What doesn’t change is your main goal: reach the end or kill a boss on the lowest level/highest floor. In order to accomplish this, Hinata and several other female characters’ you’ll nab must grab randomly found items/weapons and level up within the dungeon. The usual dungeon RPG themes exist here where you team up with another character—controlled by you and the AI—to navigate around the dungeon floors and level up to get stronger and earn even more loot. Omega Labyrinth Life does things a little off the cuff though and that’s where its strength—and weakness—lie.

ombat and exploration in Omega Labyrinth Life works quite well. As you go through various dungeons, you gain weapons like swords, katana and lances. Aside from weapons, you’ll get defensive gear, too, like shield panties and bras…yes…you get underwear that acts as defensive gear. Using said “equipment” you’ll face off against odd monsters and as you kill these beasts your oppai increase in size. While this might seem stupid and just meant for eye candy, the oppai increase actually shows signs of your character getting stronger stat wise. Those oppai also are used to appraise items in easily one of the most bizarre mini games ever. One last element to Omega Labyrinth Life tries to mimic Harvest Moon and boy oh boy…wait till you hear how that works.

Outside of the dungeon, you’ll be living the campus life. Here, Omega Labyrinth Life focuses on micromanaging items using those Omega Points you gain in dungeons and interacting with your classmates. As we mentioned, there’s a Harvest Moon-like gameplay theme too in the form of taking care of the giant garden at the academy. Planting seeds and taking care of them adds bonuses to you and gives you items that can help in the dungeon to keep you alive for just a bit longer. Maintaining the garden though shows off yet another strange mini game where you rub Hinata—and or other girls—to get them worked up and basically sweat all over the plants…did we mention Omega Labyrinth Life is fan service heavy? Despite that strangeness, Omega Labyrinth Life works well and gives players plenty to do in or outside of combat.

Visually, Omega Labyrinth Life looks quite pretty. The chibi sprites you’ll control are full of color and individuality. Dungeons each have beautiful designs and colors to them to give each area a unique feel. When you do see the story cutscenes, you’re usually treated to beautiful CG images which will tantalize you with more oppai to ogle at. On a side note, Omega Labyrinth Life sounds just as good as it looks with wonderful voice acting—Japanese only mind you—and a great OST. It’s hard not to relisten to the opening time and time again!

Omega-Labyrinth-Life-game Omega Labyrinth Life - Nintendo Switch Review
If you’re grappling with the idea of which version of Omega Labyrinth Life to purchase, let us quickly tell you of the big differences between both the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions. In our time with both—less on the PS4 than the Nintendo Switch—the most notable differences come in the amount of fan service/censorship on the PS4. A lot of the mini-games—such as appraising items via using a girl’s bust—have been removed in the PS4 version. Scenes showing girls almost stark naked have also been heavily censored with anime-like cloud steam coverage or lightning that covers the girls oppai up. The only strength for the PS4 version is that, graphically, it looks a lot more appealing. In our opinions though, getting Omega Labyrinth Life for the Nintendo Switch is the best way to go if you want what feels like the full experience and equally don’t want massive censoring.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Omega-Labyrinth-Life-game Omega Labyrinth Life - Nintendo Switch Review
Omega Labyrinth Life is a fun third person dungeon crawling experience that misses the mark here and there as it tries to appeal to those who love ecchi. While the combat, exploration and leveling system are intriguing and fun, the mini games feel pointless and overly aimed at fanservice. Anime fans like us love all things ecchi and fanservice, but when it begins to alter the mechanics of a game in the wrong way, it feels unneeded. However, thanks to the solid gameplay in Omega Labyrinth Life, the fan service can be forgiven and overlooked. The story might not hook you much and you might groan and the overly silly plot, but Omega Labyrinth Life delivers a solid RPG experience that is filled to the brim with oppai, sexy school girls and anime ecchi glory left and right. If that’s your speed Omega Labyrinth Life is the game for you. If you want a deeper and more complex dungeon crawler, then you might find yourself laughing at Omega Labyrinth Life and what it tries to accomplish.

Honey's Pros:

  • Great dungeon RPG set up that allows for a nice variety of weapons/items and equipment to be earned
  • Solid OST with amazing voice acting
  • Colorful chibi characters with extremely detailed CG moving girls
  • Plenty of ecchi mini games and concepts to make most anime fans blush…but…

Honey's Cons:

  • Those same ecchi games can be a bit much
  • Overall story is a bit ridiculous
  • (PS4 Con Only) Amount of censorship is insane by removing mini games and even putting in extreme amounts of censorship over the CG scenes

Honey's Final Verdict:

Omega-Labyrinth-Life-game Omega Labyrinth Life - Nintendo Switch Review
Developer D3 Publisher has been known to make some truly ecchi filled games and Omega Labyrinth Life is yet another title to add to their repertoire. Filled with some solid gameplay elements and fun exploration concepts, Omega Labyrinth Life isn’t just an ecchi game with no substance. Yet, the sheer amount of ecchi in the Nintendo Switch version of Omega Labyrinth Life can feel a bit distracting if you’re dying for a nice dungeon RPG that has depth and style to it. Looking past those weaknesses though, Omega Labyrinth Life is a solid title that will please anime fans and equally dungeon RPG gamers alike. Are you thinking of picking up Omega Labyrinth Life? Let us know why and which version you feel is the best one! For even more game reviews and anime themed articles be sure to keep stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Omega-Labyrinth-Life-game Omega Labyrinth Life - Nintendo Switch Review


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