Omensight - PlayStation 4 Review

Omensight-Logo-500x281 Omensight - PlayStation 4 Review

Turn back the hands of time to uncover the truth in an action packed adventure.

Game Info

  • System: PlayStation 4
  • Publisher: Spearhead Games
  • Developer: Spearhead Games
  • Release Date: May 15, 2018

Omensight - Gameplay Video with Developer Commentary [ESRB]

Who it Caters to

Omensight-Logo-500x281 Omensight - PlayStation 4 Review
When we first picked up and started playing Omensight, the anthropomorphic style really started to remind us of titles like Ni no Kuni. Its very fast paced action oriented gameplay felt like the good old days of God of War, with a small hint of Devil May Cry flavoring all thrown into this seducing pot of wonders. Anyone who has dabbled with any of these very action driven titles with a strong impactful story will surely find enjoyment in Omensight. It’s a 3D action adventure dark fantasy that takes place in world that’s full of corruption, despair, and betrayal. Now it’s your job as the Harbinger to seek out the truth behind a mysterious murder and restore balance to the world of Urralia, and give it a second chance. Each level is intricately designed to provide players with a unique perspective as you play, with gorgeous details pertaining to special effects and character animations. If you’re looking for a fresh and provocative action adventure title that combines the essence of Ni no Kuni’s beloved storytelling, with the in your face beat downs that occur in God of War, then Omensight should be on your must have list.

Omensight-Logo-500x281 Omensight - PlayStation 4 Review

What to Expect

Omensight-Logo-500x281 Omensight - PlayStation 4 Review
Omensight is an indie title created by the folks over at Spearhead Games. For those who don’t know, Spearhead Games created another indie title that takes place in the same universe titled Stories: The Path of Destinies. While the games differ in terms of their story, it’s still a great title to check out as it gives you a glimpse of Urralia from a different point of view. In Omensight there’s quite a lot to ingest as you first start playing, such as learning the mechanics and coming to understanding how to fully optimize your attacks in battle. However as you continue to play through and obtain new skills through meditation, you start to see a new dynamic happen right before your very eyes. Every battle you engage in will become increasingly more difficult but will also require you to maximize your skills to ensure more damage is dealt, and to look flashy of course. Throughout the game, you’ll come across and unlock new Omensights which give you the ability to travel back in time in order to relive past moments of characters you encounter throughout the game.

This is perhaps the most integral aspect of the game as you’ll be doing a lot of backtracking to discover new clues about the mysterious murder that took place, but other issues that pop up as you traverse deeper into the game. A lot of the time you’ll need to work alongside specific characters so that you can unlock certain areas that could not be opened before, and so this adds another depth of exploration to the games already fascinating gameplay. Much like any action adventure title, you’ll be constantly engaging in dialogue with various characters to uncover the many truths that lay hidden beneath all the betrayal that plagues the land. Voice acting is superbly delivered and gives each character a true sense of personality. While not every voice is enticing to the ear, it still provides you with a sense of belonging, since you truly feel like you’re part of the whole experience. The main character is the silent protagonist and so many times, the other characters speak on your behalf which leads to some humorous moments. Now that you know what to expect from Omensight, let’s dive a little deeper into the gameplay and lay down the reasons why this game is worth playing, while also looking at areas that may need a little fine tuning.

Omensight-Logo-500x281 Omensight - PlayStation 4 Review


Omensight-Logo-500x281 Omensight - PlayStation 4 Review
Right off the bat you’re thrown straight into the action and we loved that. Of course, you have to sit through the cutscene to learn about the events that are transpiring, which to be honest is pretty important if you really want to immerse yourself completely in the game. Harbinger is the protagonist as we stated earlier, who wields the ability to foresee events and prevent catastrophe from occuring. You’re able to alter and observe everything that happens up to the last moments of a certain character, and once you see the truth you can take that individuals soul to help you in battle. That’s the most intriguing aspect about Omensight because unlike in other games where you take the souls of people for the sole purpose of collecting them, you actually use the souls to help guide you closer to the truth. A lot of characters you encounter give off a bad vibe initially, only to have you realize down the road that they were actually an ally looking to protect a certain individual. You start to see the true colors of the characters you encounter and what their actual motive is pertaining to the world of Urralia. As each day passes in the game, you’ll have to keep track of which character you’ll want to use to assist you in battle, or to use their abilities to unlock new doors.
Omensight-Logo-500x281 Omensight - PlayStation 4 Review
You’re almost like a mystic detective who travels back in time using the souls of those you’ve encountered, collecting as many clues as you can to start piecing things together. Sometimes you’ll choose a decision that you think will provide the best outcome only to realize it didn’t give you enough details about the incident. So then you’ll have to go back and reenact the same scenario but with a different approach, which is what makes playing so fun. In game battles are such a blast to play because every enemy you encounter will behave differently and so you’ll need to keep an eye out on their patterns to land successful blows. Your special abilities start to come in handy and is where all the flashy effects come in, another area of the game we truly love. One attack called the Phantom Dash allows you to quickly dash through a group of enemies and deal a ton of damage before they even get a chance to strike you down. Another attack allows you to slow down time and kill any enemy that’s within the radius of your ability, giving you an opportunity to lay waste to a group of enemies who may have otherwise been a pain in the neck.

Omensight-Logo-500x281 Omensight - PlayStation 4 Review
Every attack is unique in its own way and can be utilized in whatever way you desire, which gives the gameplay a lot of depth and creativity. If you see an ! marker above an enemy’s head it’s an indication for you to quickly evade and counter attack for heavy damage. This whole matrix style performance is so awesome to watch, and the Harbinger just brings this aura of beauty when swiftly hacking down the enemy. Collect as many seals as you can and use them well my friend!

Omensight-Logo-500x281 Omensight - PlayStation 4 Review

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Omensight-Logo-500x281 Omensight - PlayStation 4 Review
Omensight is an incredibly fun action title that really encourages you to go beyond the basics of combat and take things to a whole new level. As each skill is unlocked and more Omensights are collected, you become this fearless warrior who speaks not with words but with swift action and grace, while the character relationships you build create a more impactful narrative. No one character ever feels the same and so there’s always this feeling of novelty when communicating with them. Hours go by and you’re still hacking away because that’s how potent Omensight’s gameplay is. The world is littered with hidden doors and pathways that always provide new surprises and items to collect, while the story is impactful enough that you stick through it all and not feel bored. In a way you want to see all the pain and suffering dissolve because in truth, you’re the one controlling it all. It’s not a perfect game by any means as we ran into some camera related issues and cut scenes that ended somewhat abruptly, but aside from those little flaws the rest of the games action and RPG based skill building make up for it in a major way.

Omensight-Logo-500x281 Omensight - PlayStation 4 Review

Honey's Pros:

  • Totally love the anthropomorphic approach to character design. More games should follow this.
  • Great attention to detail in character design and animation.
  • Superb voice acting.
  • Spectacular action and drama.
  • Manipulating time as a silent detective is always fun!
  • Fluid combat.

Honey's Cons:

  • Camera issues sometimes got in the way of things.
  • Some cutscenes would abruptly stop and put you right back into the game.

Honey's Final Verdict:

Pick this game up and support the indie scene for sure. Omensight is by no means a boring game and if you spend a great deal of time with it, you’ll start to see its charms. Be sure to catch us playing it live on our Twitch channel to see our hands on experience with it. Of course, follow us on Twitter to stay updated on all the latest game related news and all things otaku! If you’re looking for a community to dive into then be sure to join our official Discord to stay in touch with all your fellow otaku under one roof!

As always, for all things sweet, with news straight from Japan, be sure to keep it locked here on Honey’s Anime.

Omensight-Logo-500x281 Omensight - PlayStation 4 Review


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