Onihei - Winter 2017

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Action, Historical, Crime, Seinen

Airing Date:
January 10 2017

Studio M2

Honey’s Highlights

bee-jerk Onihei - Winter 2017
Woah.... out of nowhere comes this Seinen gem that is clearly going to be a crowd pleaser for those of us who have a... refined palate for good anime.
bee-jerk Onihei - Winter 2017
Who are you kidding! This is like Samurai Champloo or House of Five Leaves, but on the right side of the law this time. It definitely holds promise.
bee-jerk Onihei - Winter 2017
haha! I think it reminds me a bit of Oh! Edo Rocket, but a bit more serious. I mean... normally Seinen is not my thing, but I love a good ally of justice.
bee-jerk Onihei - Winter 2017
Huh so like... a historical detective. As long as this is done right, this could be one of the top shows this season. Gotta love an MC who is dedicated to his family and justice. It's super dreamy.

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Onihei is based on Onihei Hankachou, a novel that takes place in Edo, illustrating the era of anti-arson and theft officer Heizou Hasegawa as he cracks down on crime and judges villains.

The time is Post-Edo. Thieves who devoted themselves to committing atrocities did have one feared man whom they referred to as “Oni” or demon. Heizou Hasegawa is known as Oni no Heizou; an Arson & Theft Inspector. Arson & Theft Inspectors are a special part of a police force. They are not simply tasked with cracking down on criminals within and outside of Edo, they are an incredibly mobile organization able to capture criminals in other countries.

However, Heizou is not a stiff man only dedicated to his work. On certain occasions, he has been known to take pity on those who have committed indiscretions. What Heizou cannot forgive, is the unjust. The three principles that thieves live by are:
- Don’t kill
- Don’t rape
- Don’t steal from a store that would go under if you do.
For those who are outside of these conditions and go against the road that is human, there is no pardon. Heizou is a captivating adult overflowing in empathy, chivalry, and resolve while having ambition and appeal surrounding him in the air. To Heizou and the indecent characters that he is surrounded by, he hunts them down, crushingly defeating the unjust running wild in Edo.

Three Episode Impression

When a show already starts with a torturing scene, you can be sure that it won’t be anything for the weak of mind. The rest of the show turns out not to be too gruesome, but we appreciate that this story set in Edo Japan tries to stay authentic to the brutality of its time. Onihei is a unique little gem that combines an interesting premise with relatable characters and a soundtrack that surprised us in a positive way. True, Onihei’s artwork doesn’t knock our socks off, but it’s solid and doesn’t hinder the viewing experience. Whether it’s a good thing that each episode can stand on its own is up to you to decide, but we enjoyed the fresh wind in the old-school Japan genre. If you’re a fan of stories set in Edo Japan, definitely give it a try.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Heizou Hasegawa

Voice Actor: Kenyu Horiuchi

Heizou is the head of the Arson & Theft Inspectors. He is referred to as Oni no Heizou because he mercilessly cracks down on criminals. However, those criminals who do follow the three principles of thievery, he does have a sense of open-mindedness, and is overflowing with empathy. Formerly known as “Honsho no tetsu” or Tetsusaburou Hasegawa, he studied the sword with Samanosuke at Takasugi Dojo. Heizou was not the real son of his mother Hatsu, and was often referred to as the ‘son of a mistress’. To escape this harsh treatment he ran away from home and he has done bad things in his past. Heizou does have a penchant for delicious food, alcohol, and he rather loves his smoking pipe. Together he lives with his wife Hisae, his son Tatsuzou, and his daughter Ojun.

Tatsuzou Hasegawa

Voice Actor: Daisuke Namikawa

Heizou’s son. He is at the peak stage of wanting nothing more to play, and has caused Hisae and Heizou many issues. However, he does respect his father Heizou.


Voice Actor: Romi Park

Female spy who idolizes Heizou. A former thief, Omasa used to be a member of the Kitsunebi group, however she was saved by Heizou. She now works for Heizou as a spy ever since she was granted that favor.

Theme Songs
  • Ending Song: Soshite.. Ikinasai by Saori Yuki

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Shoutarou Ikenami
  • Director: Shigeyuki Miya
  • Character Design: Shigeyuki Miya
  • Sound Director: Masafumi Mima
  • Producer: Masao Maruyama

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