Ooya-san wa Shishunki - Anime Winter 2016

ooyasan wa shishunki
ooyasan wa shishunki

Ooya-san wa Shishunki


Slice of life, Comedy

Airing Date:
January 10, 2016

Seven Arcs Pictures


A boy has finally become an adult by moving into an apartment on his own. However, his landlord is a girl. Not only that, but the landlady is a middle-school girl!

Characters & Voice Actors List

Chie Satonaka


Voice Actor: Yurika Kubo

Chie Satonaka lives in apartment 101. She will be entering middle school in spring. She
has been through many things. She enjoys taking care of others so she is very good at
cooking. In the future, she wants to work in international affairs.
Her grandmother and father are no longer in this world, and when she is asked if she has learned about cooking from her mother, she denied it by saying “I don’t have one!” So when it comes to her mother, she exudes rejection of her. Chie has no memories of her father but When she did ask her grandmother, she would be told that he was a, “gentle man who was mature and wore glasses.

Mayu Ueno


Voice Actor: Ibuki Kido

Mayu is a friend of Chie. Somehow it became that they started eating lunch together and now they do various events and errands together. One could say they are best friends. Mayu is an only child who has to walk 20 minutes to school daily. She is part of the P.E. group at school and goes home after school. She also enjoys cooking. She does not do any sort of club activities after school but instead studies flower arrangement, tea ceremony, penmanship, dance, and various others. She’s also good at singing! Mayu is horrible at taking notes from the blackboard so she has Chie teach her. Mayu is also always losing to Chie in Old Maid. She likes novels a lot too but when she met the author apparently they were very different in real like and this shocked her.

Yuki Miyamura


Voice Actor: Erii Kawasaki

Yuki was the first classmate to ever ask Chie to eat lunch with her. She has a 20 minute
walk to school as well. Yuki is in the tennis club and loves cooking. She has been worried about her large chest since elementary school. She has anxiety issues so she loves small things! She has two younger brothers.

Promotional Videos / PV

Other Title大家さんは思春期!The Landlord is in Puberty!
Airing Info

Legal Streaming:

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Shining Sky by ever♥ying! (Erii Yamazaki & Ibuki Kido)
  • Ending Song: TBA

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Ruruu Minase
  • Director: Yuki Ogawa
  • Character Design: Atsuki Shimizu
  • Animation Director: Atsuki Shimizu
  • Music: Arte Refact

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