Opposites Attract and Make the Sweetest Romance -Horimiya

  • Mangaka : Daisuke Hagiwara (Art), HERO (Story)
  • Publisher : GFantasy, YenPress
  • Genre : Shoujo
  • Published : 2011 (13 Volumes)


The smallest things can mean the biggest deals to teenagers, so they tend to hide things especially from each other. We understand even as adults that the person we are at work isn’t always the person we are at home. The same goes for the beautiful and intelligent Kyouko Hori and quiet presumed otaku Izumi Miyamura.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

The classmates truly meet for the first time by accident when Izumi helps Kyouko’s little brother home after he fell and scraped his knees. Kyouko answers the door without her make up on and in the middle of making dinner to find a long-haired, multi-piercing, slacker type. The two recognize each other and both begin a subtle freak-out, that is until her little brother pleads for Izumi-onii-chan to stay and play. The one play date then evolves in a regular occurrence and an ever-open invitation into each other’s true selves.

Why you should read Horimiya.

1.A Unique Romance

The story is more unique than others. We don’t see romantic sparks fly early on, there is no longing to be loved. You don’t have one character trying to get the other to like them. You simply have two kids discovering what it is like to be able to let their guard down around each other and accept each other for who they truly are.

2.A Story with Heart

It’s not silly. The story feels real. It feels as though these could be people you know. We know that we all have our public and private faces and this is a great story that shows two people that found the person they’re comfortable enough with to share such an intimate thing.

Why you should skip Horimiya.

1.Does Length Matter?

The slow burn. Horimiya is not a fast read. You don’t get a series of quick panels and a joke. The story is more like a light novel in manga form. The slow development you get for the characters is one of the best parts. The manga does have humorous parts especially when Izumi is asked by another guy to help him get close to Kyouko.

2.Kids of All Ages

We have a very “G” rated romance. You won’t find any sexy, sexy time, in this story unless a fully clothed, apron-wearing Kyouko in full mommy mode gets you going or getting a look at Izumi’s inked-up back turn you on.

Final Thoughts

We love this story. Horimiya hits home on so many levels, it reminds us of high school and how it was more difficult for some of us to find a way to fit in. The story also connects with us as adults, for those lucky enough to have found that very special person whom we share that intimate side of ourselves, know that Kyouko and Izumi are truly fortunate.

Horimiya-manga-wallpaper Opposites Attract and Make the Sweetest Romance -Horimiya


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