Orange Anime Movie Announced!

Orange-Capture-Ep-5 Orange Anime Movie Announced!

What You Need to Know:

  • The last episode of Orange was a one hour TV special and when the comments from the cast were read aloud, it was revealed the Orange is going to be heading to the big screen for two weeks coming this November!
  • Titled "Orange -Mirai-" (Orange -Future-) it will be on the big screen starting November 18th and run for two weeks. The Key Visual and PV are shown below.
  • The story is said to be a sort of sequel that the anime series nor manga did not touch on. It will be a story between Naho, Suwa, and Kakeru told from the perspective of Suwa. Get excited fans!
Orange-Capture-Ep-5 Orange Anime Movie Announced!

Source: Yaraon

Reactions Around the Web

Ugh... here comes the movie that everyone wanted... yuck
2 weeks is awfully short.
Eh... this is not something that I want to go see.
This is good because anime movies are always recaps of the series.
Orange was more interesting than Love Live! Sunshine!!

Orange-Capture-Ep-5 Orange Anime Movie Announced!
Well this is something good to hear! I am glad to know that this is coming. They have the right mindset in that we should be happy we are getting something! Sure it is not Kimi no na wa, but this is still great news!
Orange-Capture-Ep-5 Orange Anime Movie Announced!
I mean... I enjoyed it but two weeks? This almost kinda sounds a bit creepy from Suwa's perspective. We know he liked Kaho but like 'this is the story of my two friends falling in love and how I am watching them'. Just a liiiiiiiiiittle offputting no?

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