Ore ga Sukina no wa Imouto dakedo Imouto Janai Light Novel Announces Anime!

Ore ga Sukina no wa Imouto dakedo Imouto janai

Romance, Comedy, Slice of Life

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Suzuka Nagami is, by all means, the perfect third year middle school student. Not only is she an honors student and the student council president, but she also has just taken the grand prize in a light novel contest!? Not to mention too, the light novel that she wrote is a raunchy romcom about a little sister who dotes on her older brother. She is strict towards her older brother Yuu though…

Then, Suzuka, who knows nothing about light novels and moe has won the grand prize in the contest, suddenly has her brother debut in her place as a published light novel author!? Then, the novel becomes an unprecedented massive hit!

Yuu, as his sister, begins to have fans gather that are beautiful girls and fellow light novel authors and illustrators. To top it off, Suzuka tells Yuu that he needs to go on dates with novels in order to collect information for writing!

“Don’t get it twisted! The only little sister I like is the little sister from MY little sister’s novel; not the little sister that is before me!”

Characters & Voice Actors List

Suzuka Nagami

Voice Actor: TBA

Suzuka is Yuu’s little sister who is a third-year middle school student with excellent grades and is the student council president. Even though she always has a cold attitude towards Yuu, she has apparently written a light novel about a little sister who dotes on her older brother.

Chikai Towano

Voice Actor: TBA

Chikai is the pseudonym that Yuu debuts under in lieu of his sister Suzuka. The story is of a little sister who loves her older brother so much, that it causes her problems. It ends up winning the grand prize in a light novel contest, and soon after going on sale, it becomes a massive hit.

Yuu Nagami

Voice Actor: TBA

Yuu is the main character and after talking with his sister after her novel took the grand prize in the light novel context, he debuted in her stead. In reality though, he wanted to debut his own light novel that he wrote.


Voice Actor: TBA

Esaka is a girl who is the daughter of the Maruneko bookstore owner where Yuu works. Even though she looks like an elementary school student, she is actually in university. She just happens to look like a loli.

Mai Himuro

Voice Actor: TBA

Mai is Yuu’s classmate and is a light novel author as well. She is a massive fan of the novel Suzuka wrote and in order to explore just how interesting it all is, she wants to know everything about Yuu.

Ahegao Wpaece Sensei

Voice Actor: TBA

Ahegao is a British illustrator who works for a company that makes Bishoujo games. She made her debut as an illustrator by drawing the images for Suzuka’s novel. She’s really into 2D erotic things, and as soon as she opens her mouth, all she can talk about is erotic matter…

Reika Shinozaki

Voice Actor: TBA

Reika is the editor in charge of Suzuka’s novel. She will stop at nothing to raise the quality of a light novel boasting that she will offer up both her humanity and her life, and even her soul, for them.

Light Novel

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Seiji Ebisu

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