Osomatsu-san Gets 3DS Game

Osomatsu-Matsumatsuri-3DS Osomatsu-san Gets 3DS Game

What You Need to Know:

  • If you thought Osomatsu fever was over, think again. The anime may be over (for now) but the classic comeback comedy series has already had a new manga, a series of mobile games, a PS Vita game, and countless rounds of merchandise.
  • Now, a 3DS game has been announced for the series, titled Osomatsu-san: Matsumatsuri!. The game will go on sale on 22 December this year.
  • The regular and download versions will be ¥4,800 (around 48 USD) with a limited edition available for ¥6,800 (68 USD). A special Animate limited edition with the 3DS included will also be available for ¥24,800 (248 USD).
  • What kind of game it will be, however, is yet to be revealed.

Source: Nijimen

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I need it!
Is Osomatsu STILL going?
I'm really curious as to what the 3DS design will be like!!
So we'll be able to see the Osomatsu story in 3D or?

Osomatsu-Matsumatsuri-3DS Osomatsu-san Gets 3DS Game
How many games can they make? I'd rather they make the second season already... The anime was hilarious!
Osomatsu-Matsumatsuri-3DS Osomatsu-san Gets 3DS Game
To be honest I was disappointed in the mobile games, but at least they're free... Maybe this will be better? Maybe not.

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