Osomatsu-san Stage Play Confirmed

osomatsu-on-stage Osomatsu-san Stage Play Confirmed

What You Need to Know:

  • An official website has opened, revealing that the ever-popular Osomatsu-san will be getting a live action stage play.
  • Titled Osomatsu On Stage: Six Men's Show Time, the play will have its first show on September 29 in Osaka, before moving to Tokyo theatres from October 13.
  • The first visual and cast members, all of whom are pretty close in age, have also been revealed. Check the details below!
osomatsu-on-stage Osomatsu-san Stage Play Confirmed

Osomatsu: Shouta Takasaki
Karamatsu: Yuusuke Kashiwagi
Choromatsu: Keisuke Ueda
Ichimatsu: Ryou Kitamura
Jyuushimatsu: Ren Ozawa
Todomatsu: Ryoutarou Akazawa

Source: Yaraon

Reactions Around the Web

I guess anything goes nowadays lol
Well everything's getting a live action now so I guess this was unavoidable. No idea how 3D Jyuushimatsu is going to work though lol
Good luck to Jyuushi's actor lol. I wonder if he's any good at acrobatics?
Ichimatsu's actor has got his work cut out for him, too. It's gonna be impossible to stay in character the whole time
Well I guess the costumes are easy enough. Just wear a hoody.

osomatsu-on-stage Osomatsu-san Stage Play Confirmed
I don't think anyone is going to be surprised by this. Looks like it won't be the most exciting of plays, though?
osomatsu-on-stage Osomatsu-san Stage Play Confirmed
Some of the actors starred in the recent Enstars stage play, so there's some familiar faces! I wonder whether it'll have a plot, though?