Otaku’s Adventure to Reach iOS and Android in May

Otakus-Adventure-560x175 Otaku’s Adventure to Reach iOS and Android in May

Get your ever-dreamed love story in this bizarre point-and-click adventure game
Pre-registrations are now open!

What You Need to Know:

  • XD Inc. announced that Otaku’s Adventure, the manga-style point-and-click adventure by Spacelight Studio, will be available this May (US: May 17th; EU: May 18th) for TapTap, App Store, and Google Play users at a price of $2.99/2.99€ — $1.99/1.99€ during the launch week discount. Pre-registrations are now open. Plus, Android users on TapTap will be able to play a free 30-minute exclusive demo starting today.
  • Otakus-Adventure-560x175 Otaku’s Adventure to Reach iOS and Android in May
  • Otaku’s Adventure is a crazy manga-style point-and-click game that makes you face the hardest challenge of all times: being loved by a real woman! All your chances of achieving a happy ending usually evaporate as soon as you meet in real life… until three mysterious girls cross your path and turn your boring existence upside down. Depending on who you follow, you’ll live a different adventure together: it may be a dangerous mission to save the world, a trip to the ends of the Universe, or even an exciting monster hunt in a new world. How far will you go to achieve the ultimate otaku romance?
  • The original version of Otaku’s Adventure was released on Steam in 2019 to great success, with a 94% positive user rating approval as of now.

  • Solve funny point-and-click puzzles like in a modern version of Takagism’s Crimson Room, and beat 10+ wild mini-games: practice your shooting skills, crush the bad guys in turn-based combats, and more!
  • Meet Waifu, Gohard, and (´・ω・`), three romanceable characters with unique thrilling stories. In addition to Gohard’s Cantonese voice acting, Waifu and (´・ω・`) now have their own dub in Shanghainese and Sichuanese dialects.
  • Unlock 35+ endings in a story defined by your choices, plus a new free DLC that completes Waifu’s route.
  • Enjoy this journey in six languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese), now with an improvement in the original English translation!

Source: Official Press Release