Our Least Favorite Areas of Miramar so Far [Early Impressions]

Miramar-PUBG-1-2-560x560 Our Least Favorite Areas of Miramar so Far [Early Impressions]


Last time we went over some of the more favorable areas of Miramar and stated reasons as to why we experienced a lot from them. Now it’s time to take a look at the less favorable areas and go over some reasons as to why. Mind you this is subject to change because more time spent with the game will provide us with better reference going forward. So take this with a grain of salt and look forward to more impressions as we draw closer to the official PUBG 1.0 release!

Los Higos

This small patch of land is situated just opposite of the prison and is one of the main cities that can lead you back onto the larger portion of the map. The reason why we don’t really favor Los Higos is because compared to the Prison, there isn’t much to scavenge for other than perhaps some shotguns and health packs. It’s overshadowed by the Prison making it an undesirable area to really chase after. Also, the location that it’s in doesn’t really lead you to any significant part of the map other than crossing the bridge into no mans land.

With the Prison you could at least cross the bridge and head into Valle del Mar to maybe grab some items you missed out on, or take out some leftover enemies, but with Los Higos you’re kind of left with nothing. There’s a smaller island next to Los Higos but that’s even more desolate and the only time we’d see any action happening there is if final circle was to take place. So unless you have no other option we suggest just zipping through this place and moving onto a location more enticing for loot.

La Cobreria

One thing that we look for when choosing a spot to loot is whether or not there are viable escape options, and if there are other cities nearby to take advantage of should you miss out on some items. La Cobreria is situated at the very top of Miramar and is surrounded by mostly mountainous terrain, nothing more. Once you head out of the city you’re pretty much in no mans land until you reach El Pozo, but by that time that area will most likely be populated and you heading in there would not be a favorable decision. Of course if you were lucky enough to snag some gems and a vehicle then perhaps it isn’t too bad, but with very little surrounding you it ends up being more of a hassle down the road. Running on foot will take you quite some time and the big fat crater in front of you is really hit or miss. So unless this area becomes a mid-end game location, La Cobreria really doesn’t provide any action.

La Bendita

La Bendita is situated in this large crater and provides accessibility to Pecado to the east, Impala to the west, and the main city Los Leones to the south. While all of that sounds wonderful the location itself doesn’t provide anything substantial other than it having good cover. Much like La Cobreria, it’s a very hit or miss location which is not something you want to run into all the time. The other locations we mentioned have a much higher rate of success when coming across big ticket items like the Win94 and level 3 items, so you’re much better off going to those locations. There’s a Cemetery and a small little village nearby but even those don’t supply enough cheese to keep you well equipped for the long run. The other negative goes back to the three locations surrounding you.

Since you’re surrounded by areas which may receive high traffic, running towards any of them may result in you eating a bullet. So when you hop out of that plane have to choose between the ones we mentioned, Los Leones is the obvious choice along with Impala and Pecado.

Honey's Final Verdict:

Miramar is such a blast to play and we simply can't get enough of it. The new addition of vehicles as well as weapons just add more variety to the PUBG world, and encourage players to divise new strategies in order to stay alive until final circle. We'll be sure to provide more updates as we draw closer to the PUBG 1.0 release, so follow us on Twitter along with Twitch to know when we go live and hop into Miramar!

Miramar-PUBG-1-2-560x560 Our Least Favorite Areas of Miramar so Far [Early Impressions]
I wasn't a big fan of Pecado to be honest since it sort of feels similar to La Bendita.
Miramar-PUBG-1-2-560x560 Our Least Favorite Areas of Miramar so Far [Early Impressions]
Not a fan of Impala. It's far off the coast and unless you have a vehicle to get you out, it takes forever to reach the main lands!