Overflow Overflow

Overflow Overflow



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studio HōKIBOSHI

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"Brother, are we really taking a bath together?"
The forbidden bathing experience that all started from a simple accident!

Me, my sister, and my childhood friend-- all sharing this odd experience. After an unexpected "Overflowing", will the sister's secret love finally be revealed?!

A life-size youth romantic comedy where no one says, "Over".

Characters & Voice Actors

Ayane Shirakawa: Tomoe Tamiyasu

Kotone's older sister. She pretends to be not interested in Kazushi, but in fact, she is. Very interested in beauty.
Kotone Shirakawa: Mitsu Anzu

AyaneKotone's younger sister. She is quiet but stubborn in her actions. She has a complex with her big breastCarries a big sadness in her heart.
Kazushi Sudo: Sadei Tsukuda

A university student who lives in an apartment alone. Although staying together with Ayane and Kotone bothers him, he keeps watching the growth of bodies. In the anime series, he really thinks ofabout his childhood friends Ayane and Kotone as actualabout sisters.
Ayaneko / Kotoneko : -

Two female cats who somehow looks similar to Ayane and Kotone. They are guardians-like beings who appear from nowhere when the Shirakawa sisterssisters Shirakawa or Kazushi encounter a shameful situation and hide their genitals.needs help and disappears somewhere close.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Overlove
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Kaiduka
  • Director: Rei Ishikura
  • Character Design: Yoshihiro Watanabe
  • Sound Director: Takahiro Enomoto

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