Owarimonogatari Releases PV for Second Season

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What You Need to Know:

  • As we all know, Owarimonogatari is getting a second season this summer. Well, kinda. It will be broadcast on TV, but it is not necessarily what you may be expecting.
  • The second season is going to be two, two hour specials on August 12 and 13th and have a total of 7 episodes. So, half one night and half the latter. We are not sure as to why Nisioisin did it this way, but hey, here we are.
  • Today a PV has been released teasing the end of this series. While it has not been confirmed that the monogatari series is ending officially, he does have 12-taisen coming up soon which promises to be his next big hit. The PV does say in Japanese that this is supposed to be the resolution to the series overall, so let's see if he actually does it. In the meantime though, check out the PV below and get exicted for the next addition to the series!

bee-cry1 Owarimonogatari Releases PV for Second Season
I cannot believe that this is ending!!!
bee-cry1 Owarimonogatari Releases PV for Second Season
Don't worry Bee-kun. There is surely more to come soon!

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