OZMAFIA!! - Anime Summer 2016

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Ozmafia-Key-Visual-2-300x425 OZMAFIA!! - Anime Summer 2016

Ozmafia-Key-Visual-2-300x425 OZMAFIA!! - Anime Summer 2016


Reverse Harem, Slice of Life

Airing Date:
July 6 2016

Creators In Pack

Honey's Highlights

Ozmafia-Key-Visual-2-300x425 OZMAFIA!! - Anime Summer 2016
oooo What do we have here? A spin off of The Wizard of Oz? Honey-chan, do you know anything about this show?
Ozmafia-Key-Visual-2-300x425 OZMAFIA!! - Anime Summer 2016
Glad you asked Mo-chan! This is coming in summer of 2016 as a reverse harem and slice of life anime!
Ozmafia-Key-Visual-2-300x425 OZMAFIA!! - Anime Summer 2016
Ooo and it’s fairy tail mafia families going to fight? This story gets better and better and it’s a reverse harem!!! I love it when a girl has her choice of the boys!
Ozmafia-Key-Visual-2-300x425 OZMAFIA!! - Anime Summer 2016
But.. why… why… are they ALL CHIBI?!?
Ozmafia-Key-Visual-2-300x425 OZMAFIA!! - Anime Summer 2016

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Fuka, a young girl who has lost her memories. Wandering around an unknown town, she suddenly finds herself being followed by something… Whilst running away bewildered, she is saved by none other than the Oz family, one of the mafia groups that control the town.

The boss, Caramia, is a ferocious lion. The advisor, Kyrie, is a sly scarecrow. The head, Axel, is an obstinate tin man. Fuka ends up being taken in by these seemingly friendly, reliable men, but…

There’s the individual fairy-tale mafia families: Oz, Grimm, Anderson, Heidi, Boots… and the rogue group, Wolfgang. Then there’s Robin Hood, the doctor in this mysterious town, and the luxurious salon, ‘Oscar Wilde’.

In this town, where fighting and friendship come hand-in-hand, just whose hand will Fuka take? And just why is it that she doesn’t have any memories…?

Update from the official website:
'Or at least that’s the plot to the game, but we couldn’t fit all that in so it became a school story. Look forward to this chatty story in an anime original academy!!'

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Tarusuke Shingaki

Anime character description:
Generous and caring, a genuinely great guy.

Game character description:
The boss of the Oz family, he is adored by the townspeople. He invites Fuka, who has no relatives, into the Oz family. His weapons are double pistols.


Voice Actor: Kazuyuki Okitsu

Anime character description:
He’s smooth and may seem kind at first glance, but in reality he has a scheming side to him. Labelled a sadist by both others and himself.

Game character description: The Oz family advisor. Although he carries a rifle, he doesn’t like to get his hands dirty on principle.


Voice Actor: Atsushi Kakehashi

Anime character description:
Quiet and abrupt. Doesnt speak much, and is easily misunderstood.

Game character description:
The head of the Oz family. He only does what he is ordered to, and tends to shut himself up in his room. His weapon is a shotgun, but he has bad aim, and is always causing accidents.


Voice Actor: Mitsuhiro Ichiki

Anime character description:
A worry wart. Kyrie's had his eye on Scarlet since the first day he transferred.

Game character decription:
The head of the Grimm family. Cold but polite and conscientious. Has no interest in conflict, and if half-hearted when he has to participate in battle. His weapons are a sniper rifle and a Magnum.

Theme Songs
  • Ending Song: I love you by Article One

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Poni-Pachet SY/HOBIBOX
  • Director: Hisayoshi Hirasawa
  • Series Composition: Yuumasu
  • Character Design: Sonoka Kuroiwa
  • Animation Director: Sonoka Kuroiwa
  • Original Illustrator: Hamuto Natsuno
  • Music: Kimiyoshi Maruyama (project lights)

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