P.L.A.Y. x HyperX National Pet Day Collaboration

PXL_20230328_192715908-560x315 P.L.A.Y. x HyperX National Pet Day Collaboration

P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle and You) and HyperX have teamed up this year for a wonderful collaboration for National Pet Day here in the US. P.L.A.Y. is a California-based company that specializes in pet products first and foremost, beds, and also toys, travel gear, and accessories. They make quality products with pets, humans, and the environment in mind. Each bed is crafted for maximum comfort and ergonomic support, features stylish and easy-to-care-for covers, and are made from sustainable materials to protect the Earth.

As we help with promotions from HyperX from time to time, HyperX sent us this wonderful gift for our fur baby. We received 3 items from HyperX in collaboration with P.L.A.Y.! The items are in the shape of—and look pretty close to the real thing—a HyperX Cloud Arfa Gaming headset, one Alloy Keybark Gaming keyboard, and one PawdCast Microphone. P.L.A.Y. has dozens of different designs for your furry friends to choose so definitely check out their website for all their products and information.

Introducing the Reviewer

PXL_20230328_192715908-560x315 P.L.A.Y. x HyperX National Pet Day Collaboration

Now, for this wonderful gift, we brought our trusty gaming companion, and real streamer, Hime (ひめ). See her and all of her glory! She will be our tester/reviewer for today so let’s get to it!

The Products

PXL_20230328_192715908-560x315 P.L.A.Y. x HyperX National Pet Day Collaboration

The first thing Hime was very curious about was what the toys were and of course, gave it a little sniff before giving it more attention. Shortly after, she took the headsets first, then the microphone and the keyboard. The headset is very nicely designed and looks like the real thing, honestly—and is Hime’s new favorite toy. The materials used are very durable and non-toxic for your pet. The stitching is top-notch as Hime went to town with it and after a few weeks, the headset is still intact and looks like new—minus all the drool… The headsets headband is durable and hasn’t lost its spring no matter how many times Hime tugs on it. The materials used are also soft and won’t give your pet any sort of irritation when playing with the toy. The headset speakers sections have a squeaky toy inside so your pet can get some joy out of it when biting down on it during playtime.

The microphone is also wonderfully designed and looks like the real thing. Same awesome material and the microphone has a squeaky toy inside on the mic receiver. This is Hime’s second favorite toy now. The section of the microphone that would be the stand for it, does have a bendable plastic material to hold things together and not break so easily but the fabric material used is well padded and soft that you hardly feel any hard surface. Everything is very soft.

PXL_20230328_192715908-560x315 P.L.A.Y. x HyperX National Pet Day Collaboration

Last, is the keyboard. The keyboard is probably Hime’s least favorite and that is mainly because it is kind of hard for her to pick up but I think that the design of it is supposed to be a toy that your pet can stomp on or press as there are two squeaky toys inside the keyboard and take up the whole dimensions of the keyboard. Hime has figured out that she needs to press it and is always wanting to pick it up and has a hard time doing so. It’s fun to watch, though!

Final Thoughts

After Hime had a lot of time with the toys it was clear that P.L.A.Y. knows how to make durable products as none are destroyed like many other toys she gets because she is a shredder! Love biting and chewing on twigs and branches…

So far, the toys are still intact and have the same shape and look as when they first arrived. The squeakers still work and aren’t broken, and Hime loves playing with them every day and always greets us at the doors with her favorite toys when we arrive home. P.L.A.Y. gets an A+ from us here at Honey’s Anime!

If you thought this article was great and gave you ideas for your fur baby, then make sure to check out P.L.A.Y. by visiting their website and following them on social media! And make sure to keep coming back to Honey’s Anime for more great content and all things otaku!

Happy National Pet Day, yall!

PXL_20230328_192715908-560x315 P.L.A.Y. x HyperX National Pet Day Collaboration

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