Pan de Peace! - Anime Spring 2016

Pan De Peace Official Spring 2016 Anime cover
Pan De Peace Official Spring 2016 Anime cover

Pan de Peace!


Slice of Life, School

Airing Date:
April 3 2016

Asahi Production


Minami is a high schooler but she absolutely loves bread. She and her friends or 'bread buddies' around her enjoy bread and their fluffy everyday lives.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Minami Tani

pan de peace tani minami

Voice Actor: Ibuki Kido

Minami loves bread! She has a fluffy and bright personality and she gets along well with Fuyumi. Minami quickly became friends with Nao after talking with her about French bread. So, in the same manner she will quickly get along well with others who have similar interests. Her favorite bread is her mother’s homemade Egg Sandwiches.

Yuu Aizawa

pan de peace yuu aizawa

Voice Actor: Erii Yamazaki

Yuu is a fairly serious girl who likes drawing manga and illustrations. She is quite a bit shy so she is very nervous when she has to speak to someone for the first time. She likes to eat curry bread a lot.

Fuyumi Fukagawa

pan de peace fuyumi fukagawa

Voice Actor: Moe Toyota

Fuyumi lives at the Fuwafuyu bakery. Her hobby is making sweets. She has good, strong arms for making bread. However her personality and body are quite soft. She does have a side where she sometimes get dragged into Yuu and her diets that she tries to do. Fuyumi loves Noa so she is shown giving Noa lots of attention, petting her, and giving her hugs. She has a sister complex.

Noa Sakura

pan de peace noa sakura

Voice Actor: Nichika Oomori

Noa is experiencing a bit of second year syndrome. She’s cute and although she is a high school student, she is mistaken for an elementary school student often. Fuyumi has hugged and squeezed her so much to the point that she is either used to it, or she doesn’t even react to it anymore. She loves milk and French bread, and according to her, French bread is a weapon.

Promotional Videos / PV

Other TitleパンでPeace!
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Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Seishun wa Tabemono Desu by petit milady
  • Ending Song: TBA

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: emily
  • Director: Hatsuki Tsuji
  • Series Composition: Momoko Murakami
  • Character Design: Shizue Kaneko

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