Paradox Live Fan Community Launched on MyAnimeList

Paradox-Live-Official-MAL-Club-560x214 Paradox Live Fan Community Launched on MyAnimeList

The greater the participation, the greater the rewards! “Club activities” for fans

What You Need to Know:

  • MyAnimeList, operator of one of the world’s largest anime and manga communities, has launched a “Paradox Live Official MAL Club” using the popular club function on its official app in commemoration of the 3rd anniversary of Paradox Live, a hip-hop mixed-media project collaboration between Avex and G Crest, and the upcoming Paradox Live anime adaptation. The club is currently running a Rewards Challenge, in which members can win fabulous prizes based on the level of club activity.
  • What is a “Club” (MyAnimeList community feature)?
    • MyAnimeList’s club function is a community feature based on the motif of a club room in a school anime. Community activities are similar to school club activities, such as gathering in the club room to chat with friends, recruiting new members, and gaming with friends to work toward a common goal.
  • MyAnimeList Official* Paradox Live Club Activities
    • The club appoints passionate fans who would like to contribute to Paradox Live as Events Committee members with the goal of communicating the appeal of Paradox Live and attracting new fans. The Events Committee is responsible for keeping the club lively, planning events, and inviting other MyAnimeList users to join the club. This differs from a simple promotional campaign in that the appeal is conveyed from a fan perspective. In other words, activities for fans by fans.
    • To encourage activities led by the Events Committee, we have also prepared a Rewards Challenge, in which lucky members can win prizes based on the level of club activity. By setting clear goals, we will stimulate fan participation and contribute to increasing the number of Paradox Live fans overseas.
    • *This is an official club as recognized by MyAnimeList, not an official Paradox Live Club.

    • Paradox Live Official MAL Club:
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Source: Official Press Release