Pastel Memories Anime Reveals New Key Visual, Story, Seyiuu & Staff!

Pastel Memories


Airing Date:

Project No.9

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Akihabara. It is said that this area of Tokyo is the center of otaku culture as well as a holy land. Now though, it has become an array of offices. The memories of manga and anime are fading, and the big-name shops that otaku used to flock to are few in number as most has closed.

The ‘memories’ of works that reside in people’s hearts are what continues to allow this world to exist. However, if a virus is allowed to destroy this land, then everyone’s memories and recollections of these works will disappear.

We fight to protect those precious memories people have of their favorite works!

This is the story of 12 girls who work at a small store that sits in a corner of Akihabara called ‘Usagi Koya Honpo’. They will work hard to defeat viruses and restore Akihabara back to it’s former glory!

Characters & Voice Actors List

Asagi Izumi

Voice Actor: Hiyori Nitta

Ayaka Sakaki

Voice Actor: Mariko Toribe

Irina Leskova

Voice Actor: Yumi Uchiyama

Kaoruko Nijouin

Voice Actor: Yukiyo Fujii

Yuina Machiya

Voice Actor: Rie Murakawa

Michi Edogawabashi

Voice Actor: Naomi Oozora

Minami Senju

Voice Actor: Ai Yamamoto

Chimari Maiko

Voice Actor: Yui Ogura

Nao Mejiro

Voice Actor: Yumiri Hanamori

Rie Kurushima

Voice Actor: Yurika Kubo

Komachi Satonaka

Voice Actor: Megumi Toda

Saori Rokugou

Voice Actor: Kotori Koiwai


Main Staff
  • Director: Yasuyuki Shinozaki
  • Series Composition: Tamai Tsuyoshi
  • Character Design: Shinya Segawa
  • Original Illustrator: Nashikinero

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