PC Building Simulator - PC Review

Learn to build a PC in a video game

  • System: PC
  • Publisher: The Irregular Corporation
  • Developer: Claudiu Kiss, The Irregular Corporation
  • Release Date: Mar 27, 2018

Who it Caters to

PC-Building-Simulator-1-560x315 PC Building Simulator - PC Review
Have you ever wanted to make a PC for yourself but found no tutorial or video online could ever really help you? Well then you might be in luck as developers Claudiu Kiss and The Irregular Corporation have a game that might be perfect for you. PC Building Simulator acts to not only teach you the fundamentals in how PCs are built, but equally, provides players a simulation experience. Those who love sim-based titles where you must adhere to deadlines and work your way up from the bottom will love PC Building Simulator’s actual main game component. If you’re looking for a simple and engaging way to learn more about PCs then you might enjoy PC Building Simulator.

What to Expect

PC-Building-Simulator-1-560x315 PC Building Simulator - PC Review
PC Building Simulator is a simulation title that not only allows you to play an actual game but is meant as a teaching tool. Players will learn how PCs are made, upgraded and cared for as well as engage in a simulator game where you must earn cash and make a profitable business. With real brand-named parts to use in your PC building escapades, PC Building Simulator tries its best at delivering a true to life way of learning how parts within PCs work and how almost anyone can build their own PCs with a bit of practice. Do you enjoy simulation games and learning workshops all in one package? Then PC Building Simulator is the game for you.


PC-Building-Simulator-1-560x315 PC Building Simulator - PC Review
In PC Building Simulator, you have just started up your own PC repair shop and are looking to make some money. You will have to repair PCs and upgrade them at your clients request to keep them happy and get your business better known. Every happy client will spread the word of your skills and not only will you get better as a PC builder, but you will watch your little workshop grow and rake in the money. However, be careful as you do have bills to pay and if you fail to make enough cash you might kiss your career goodbye. Do you have the skills it takes to be a master PC repairman? Time to find out in PC Building Simulator!


PC-Building-Simulator-1-560x315 PC Building Simulator - PC Review
We here at Honey’s Anime have played our fair share of simulator games and we have strong opinions on the genre. Some sim—simulator for short—games are solid while others are pretty weak. However, Claudiu Kiss and The Irregular Corporation have created a simulator game we’ve never seen before here at the hive. Titled PC Building Simulator, this sim game aims at giving gamers to unique experience, one being a learning tool for building PCs and the other a genuine simulation game. Does PC Building Simulator succeed in both venues? Let us find out in our review of PC Building Simulator.

PC Building Simulator is a rather simple game to explain. Players are thrown into a new business venue where they play as a PC repairman who must take on jobs and work their way up making their business stronger as they complete jobs. PC Building Simulator also acts as a teaching tool to show people how to maintain their PCs and upgrade them as well. One of these elements works quite well in PC Building Simulator while the other one falters slightly. Unfortunately, the part that does falter is the simulation part itself.

As a PC repair guy, players work in a small shop and take jobs via a PC that shows emails from clients who need different things done with their rigs. For example, some client might need his/her PC cleaned and virus scanned as well. Then other clients might need to have upgrades to their PC which means you must buy the parts, get them shipped to your shop and then begin the job. This whole system is easy to grasp as PC Building Simulator holds your hand by showing you constant checklists of what you need to do and what elements you are missing. Most of the time we didn’t find ourselves confused even though we aren’t too well versed with how PCs are fixed and upgraded. However, players must adhere to earning money to keep their shop open as you have bills to pay every month and you’ll want to upgrade your shop with more benches to do more work at the same time.

Now the reason why PC Building Simulator doesn’t work gaming wise is that while the sim element is solid in terms of how it works, it begins to feel like work quite quickly. Repairing PCs and upgrading them all comes down to clicking pieces, buying parts and repeating the process dozens of times. No gamer wants to feel like a game is actual work, but PC Building Simulator has an air of a job more than a game. This could have been fixed by providing things to do like leaving the office and roaming around or maybe mini games but PC Building Simulator is just about taking orders and completing them to make money. We aren’t saying that everyone will dislike PC Building Simulator, but at its core, this is a game that truly wishes to be a teaching tool with sim elements and that won’t be for everyone.
Luckily, PC Building Simulator does work in one regard perfectly, teaching how PCs work. We went into PC Building Simulator fearful that it would be too complex for some of us who aren’t tech savvy. However, PC Building Simulator teaches players with helpful tutorial modes what parts go where and how to even access them. These elements transition well into the sim game itself—thus why we recommend hitting the tutorial first before playing the base game—as you’ll find the knowledge useful. We don’t think PC Building Simulator is 100% accurate as we know it simplifies some elements of PC building but by the end of our playing PC Building Simulator, we walked out with a genuine knowledge of different PC part companies—as many of the parts in game are based on real manufactures—and how to build PCs or at least change some parts.

Finally, let us talk about the graphics and music for PC Building Simulator. Graphically, PC Building Simulator isn’t overly special but it does provide a nice level of detail in the PC parts themselves and even the way the player interacts with software and such. Just don’t expect high end graphics for PC Building Simulator as it isn’t trying to blow people away in the graphics department. The music for PC Building Simulator is actually really good at least for the first few hours. In game, there are 4 songs that will replay and while they start off catchy and great for helping you building PCs they begin to get annoying once you hear them for the 100th time. We recommend muting the music after a while in PC Building Simulator and putting your own tunes on.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

PC-Building-Simulator-1-560x315 PC Building Simulator - PC Review
PC Building Simulator is one of those games that you’re either going to love or absolutely hate. The love will come from the simple ways of how it makes players run a small PC repair business and how it accurately shows how PCs are built as well as teach you the necessary steps in possibly building one for yourself in the future. However, PC Building Simulator as just a simulation game is truly monotonous with players having to repeat the same things over and over making it almost feel like you’re working but in a video game. No game should ever feel like work if we’re being honest as games are supposed to be enjoyable and fun in some manner. The biggest issue with PC Building Simulator though is that at its heart, it is a simulation game and that isn’t always appealing to gamers. Thus, we recommend PC Building Simulator only to those who either wish to learn how to build PCs in a very easy and semi-accurate way or really love work-based sim titles. If you already work as a PC repairman or don’t like sim games, PC Building Simulator will not be a game for you.

Honey's Pros:

  • Interesting way of teaching beginners how to build PCs
  • Simple gameplay mechanics that hold your hand initially but then becomes increasingly difficult as you progress
  • Simulation mechanics are solid and give you the experience of a PC repairman
  • Good music initially

Honey's Cons:

  • Feels like work most of the time
  • At times it is a bit too simple in how PCs are repaired
  • Songs get repetitive very quickly as there is only 4 of them
  • Bland environment
  • Repetitive gameplay that changes very little after the midway point

Honey's Final Verdict:

PC-Building-Simulator-1-560x315 PC Building Simulator - PC Review
There are a lot of reasons to recommend PC Building Simulator as well as reasons to explain why you should stay away. We here at Honey’s Anime enjoyed how the developers truly made the idea of PC building simple and gave it a simulation experience but we equally wished there was a bit more to do and see in PC Building Simulator. However, if you want a simple simulation game that will equally teach you real-life ideals of how PCs are upgraded, repaired and handled then you’re the perfect person to recommend PC Building Simulator. Are you thinking of picking up PC Building Simulator? Tell us why in the comments below, and for more gaming reviews and articles, be sure to keep stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime.
PC-Building-Simulator-1-560x315 PC Building Simulator - PC Review


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