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Peace Maker Kurogane

Action, Historical, Comedy

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Following the outbreak of the Boshin War, the Shinsengumi fight numerous battles in Kyoto, Edo, and Yezo. Their battle in Yezo’s Goryoukaku, which could be considered their final destination, has just begun. In the midst of battle, Ginnousuke Tamura has been ordered to follow Tetsunousuke Ichimura. Ginnousuke, who looks exactly like Tetsunousuke did when he was younger, finds himself hearing about Tetsunousuke Ichimura’s memories of a heroic fight...

Characters & Voice Actors List

Tetsunousuke Ichimura

Voice Actor: TBA

An errand boy for the Shinsengumi from Ogaki, Gifu prefecture. Fought alongside Toshizou Hijikata and his comrades in the Boshin War, and shares his fate with the Shinsengumi, who are heading to the north.

Toshizou Hijikata

Voice Actor: TBA

The head of the Shinsengumi from Bushuu Hino. Is fighting a succession of battles in Kyoto, Edo, and Yezo. He leads the Shinsengumi even when covered in wounds.

Ginnousuke Tamura

Voice Actor: TBA

A page for the Shinsengumi, from Iwakitaira-han. Full of wisdom despite his young age. Looks just like Tetsunousuke Ichimura did at his age.


Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Nanae Chrono

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