Persona 5 the Animation Mid-Season Review – The Phantom Thieves’ Beginnings

The Phantom Thieves’ Beginnings

  • Episodes : 24
  • Genre : Action, Fantasy, Supernatural
  • Airing Date : April 2018 - ongoing
  • Studios : CloverWorks

Contains Spoilers

Persona 5 the Animation tells the story of Ren Amamiya and his friends as begin their adventures together. After Ren stands up for a woman being attacked, his Persona is awakened, which introduces him to the strange world of Mementos. Ren and his new friends soon learn that they can challenge the distorted desires of real adults in this plane, by stealing their most valued treasures and changing their hearts. As the group gains infamy, going by the name “Phantom Thieves of Hearts,” they also attract the attention of the law. Following along closely with events in the video game, Persona 5 the Animation details the events surrounding the early days for the Phantom Thieves.

What We Liked About Persona 5 the Animation

Persona 5 the Animation is a faithful adaptation of the popular video game. Adding in little details to make the characters more vibrant and well-rounded for each short episode, this anime has clearly been shown a lot of attention. Despite being an adaptation, Persona 5 the Animation brings a few good things with it this season. We’ll explain in more detail some of the better points about the anime and why you want to give it a chance!

Why You Should Watch Persona 5 the Animation
Haru-Okumura-Persona-5-Wallpaper-1-417x500 Persona 5 the Animation Mid-Season Review – The Phantom Thieves’ Beginnings

1. Quality Animation Style

As a reflection of the Persona 5 video game, Persona 5 the Animation is given a similar accomplished style of animation. Though the fight sequences can be dragging, the rest of the anime is well done. Thanks to the detail put into the visuals, the setting and the characters seem more real to viewers. And even the more ridiculous notions, such as the existence of Mementos, can be real in the light of this anime’s crisp animation style.

2. Reiteration of a Great Story

The reason that Persona 5 is one of the most popular games is thanks to its complex and interesting story. The animation is no different, in that it remains true to the story of Persona 5, keeping all the integral components of the tale in place. If you want to know the plot behind Persona 5, but don’t really want to go through the game itself, this anime tells the tale!

3. Adds Details Not Seen in the Game

Though it faithfully follows the video game for the most part, where Persona 5 the Animation deviates from its predecessor is in a few detailed scenes, giving further interaction between characters. Because the adaptation had to skip over much of the day-to-day interactions from characters in the game, a few scenes were created to show relationships developing. Many of these extra parts could be missed, but they are a welcome addition for fans wanting to see more of the characters!

Why You Should Skip Persona 5 the Animation

1. Steep Learning Curve For Newcomers

Persona 5 the Animation is interesting enough in itself to attract newcomers to the franchise, which is arguably what the anime is all about. However, as with most of the Persona anime, unless you have some knowledge of the world going into the series, it will be difficult to just jump into. Of course, the anime tries to explain as much of the world as it can in a brief manner. Later on, the episodes will have more time to make sense – but the initial jump into Persona 5 the Animation can be rough for a new audience.

2. Quick And Forceful Story

Due to the short nature of anime episodes, Persona 5 the Animation has a rushed feeling at times. The series spends about two episodes per character introduction, meaning that many of the main story points and fights are completed rather quickly. Of course, there is a lot of material for the adaptation to get through, which explains why it feels so fast-paced.

3. Not as Immersive as the Game

While watching the story unfold does have its advantages, not being able to play through Persona 5 yourself is certainly not as entertaining. The feelings of getting to know the characters and make your own choices with them are lost when you’re simply watching it happen before you. And if you’ve already played Persona 5 yourself, this aspect is even more apparent, making the anime as a whole both more dry and bland.

Final Thoughts

The Persona franchise always does an excellent job of telling an intriguing story, and Persona 5 the Animation is no less impactful in this regard! With a detailed animation style and a few extra scenes to add character interaction, this anime is done well overall. The show does have a few obvious negatives, stemming from being an adaptation of a game where you can make your own choices and get to know characters at your own pace. However, Persona 5 the Animation completes its goal, which is to gather old and new fans alike in enjoyment of the franchise.

Haru-Okumura-Persona-5-Wallpaper-1-417x500 Persona 5 the Animation Mid-Season Review – The Phantom Thieves’ Beginnings


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