PinocchioP’s Ningen no Atsumari Concert Review: Human Congregation at the Dancefloor

Human Congregation on the Dancefloor

  • PinocchioP 『HUMAN』 Release Tour -HUMAN Session-
  • Saturday, March 25th, 2017
  • Club Asia, Tokyo

Intro: Humans attended the gathering

This year, PinocchioP went on a Japan tour to promote their 3rd album, HUMAN, that was released last November 23rd. They took their music to cities like Kyoto, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, and wrapped the tour in Tokyo.

The name of this release tour was Ningen no Atsumari (人間の集まり), which means “HUMAN Session”, title that goes very well with the concept of PinocchioP’s latest Album HUMAN. In this Human Session, PinocchioP did not perform alone, they were joined by DJ ZANIO, おはようございます (Ohayou Gozaimasu) a metalcore band, and sasakure.UK, a very well known vocaloid producer who seems to be close friends with PinocchioP as we see them touring together very often. Also, to complement the night VJ Happy Taro was in charge of the visuals.

It was a Saturday night in Shibuya, the streets were crowded with people looking to have a good time out with friends. Among all the club-goers gathering on the streets, we could distinguish PinocchioP’s audience, who knew very well that they came here to jump, dance, sing and sweat their guts out, all dressed up in casual clothes, confortably wearing big smiles and chill attitude. Honey-chan and Bee-kun flew over the heads of the people lining up in front of Club Asia, and got in right away.

honeys anime character
PinocchioP always gathers quite a crowd, young girls and boys ready to stomp on the dancefloor.

honeys anime character
I loved PinocchioP’s merch, it looked really cute with Aimaina and Doshite-chan on everything...

Performance: Humans got lost in the digital world

The club was packed, it was a sold out event. Most of the people were searching through the merch and buying their favorite items; towels, stickers, CDs, ect. Others were lining up at the bar to get hydrated, and Honey-chan was looking for a good spot at the edge of the stage.

The gig started with the opening act, DJ ZANIO, who enchanted the audience with his beautiful house music filled with the angelic voice of Miku. He was followed by おはようございます (Ohayou Gozaimasu) a metalcore band formed in 2015 by vocaloid producer UtsuP, who now plays the bass and the programming together with former vocalist of Merging Moon, Saba, and Nagi on guitars and chorus.

After a short but intense dose of metal, sasakure.UK enters the stage never failing to animate the crowd with his catchy tune “Mr Wonderland”. We would like to check out more about these artists in a next opportunity. You can find them on their Youtube accounts: おはようございます OFFICIAL and sasakure.UK Official.

Finally, after a long pause, the stage was ready to receive PinocchioP, who entered the stage together with DJ MK-Ⅱ wearing their usual white masks. They started off with “The Dawn of Japan” from their latest album HUMAN which turned the already electric atmosphere on, followed by their hit song “Everything About Animals” which, by the way, is Honey-chan favorite song. Hatsune Miku's voice on the catchy melody is very difficult to forget.

The hyper fast tracks “Tonchinkan Feast” and “I Just Hate People” set higher the mood of the crowd, that is how much straightforward vocaloid songs can get. There was no rest for the audience as “Cryptid" and “Kusare-gedou and Chocolate” came in pumping up with a deep bass beats and the sassy voice of Hatsune Miku.

The time to calm down and just enjoy listening came with “I'm glad you're evil too” this is a ballad with a beautiful slow melodic voice by Miku and a piano as the main instrument of the first half of track, the other half is decorated by samples sound here and there which intensify at the end. Definitely a great composition.

The highlight of the night was the promotional track of their latest album; “SAYONARA HUMAN”, the vocals are mainly by PinocchioP himself harmonizing with Miku’s voice very low in the background. This song has a very deep melancholic feeling, and a very beautiful melody.

“Mushroom Mother” is a very addictive song, Miku's voice sounds so cute and calmed. Some of the phrases stick for days in your head 'ya-i, ya-i, mashuruumu’, and the visuals that accompanies the audio track are so much fun to look at, they combine real images with a psychedelic animation of a man dancing very sexy.

They left the stage, and people were not satisfied. there's never enough when it comes to PinocchioP’s music, so the crowd screamed “encore, encore, encore”. Back on stage, there’s a third human with them carrying a bass, and “Gorgeous Big Conversation” is on! The heavy bass lines of UtsuP are all over the place.

Last song of the night was “All I Need are Things I Like” another favorite by the audience, this song’s message is very clear: or you do only what you want, or you just stop being alive, not longer human, but an automatic being. This is the voice of a machine telling you that…

honeys anime character
SAYONARA HUMAN left me a warm feeling, I really love that song!

honeys anime character
I prefer the fastest ones, PinocchioP nails those speedy vocals so well. He has tons of energy on stage while performing

Outro: Humans are not longer only humans

PinocchioP gigs are for everyone who enjoys music with meaningful messages and don't mind getting all sweaty jumping and dancing. This was a great opportunity to experience vocaloid in all its splendour, four different acts, four different styles of producing and peforming music for a party thirsty audience.

Vocaloid is mostly regarded as a music genre in theory, but in the practice is more of a flexible form of making music, you can have metal vocaloid songs, pop vocaloid song, dance, electronic, experimental, you can make everything into a vocaloid song, this is the reason why the vocaloid artist called themselves producers. Probably gathering humans to dance at the rythm of electronic beats is what virtual Hatsune Miku dreams of, and vocaloid producers found a genious way to merge the digital realm with the human world through music.

What we learned at the end of the show, is that humans and computers can cohabit in the same venue, they can sing and dance together, and at least for one night… become one being.

honeys anime character
What a night! What a NIGHT!

honeys anime character
So much fun, great music, excellent ambiance… when is the next one?

honeys anime character
Let’s check on his Facebook Page. We should bring Bombon and Mo-chan too, I’m sure they’ll love it as much as we do.

PinocchioP Official Facebook :


1. The Dawn of Japan Live Remix

2. Everything About Animals

3. Tonchinkan Feast

4. I Just Hate People Live Remix


5. cryptid

6. Kusare-gedou and Chocolate

7. Deracine

8. Nice To Meet You, Mr. Earthling

9. Nobody Makes Sense


10. The Silence of the Lambs

11. I'm glad you're evil too Live Remix

12. Usora Sera

13. Common World Domination

14. Mushroom Mother zanio remix



Gorgeous Big Conversation


All I Need are Things I Like

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