Pokemon Brock Figure Takes You Down Memory Lane!


What You Need to Know:

  • Many of you may remember playing Pokemon Red and Blue as a child. Surely a cherished memory of those games is the sight of the first gym leader, Brock, proudly shirtless.
  • That memory is now coming back to life with this newly announced Brock figure! The figure is in the same pose as when you first battle Brock in the first Pokemon games.
  • As an additional fun fact, it's already been 19 years since the Japanese release of those first games. Sorry for making anyone feel old...


The figure in question.


As you can see, it's quite an accurate recreation...

Source: Nijimen

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"It's been 19 years?!"
"That's a lie! I was born 19 years ago, but I still remember playing this."
"I wonder why Brock's covering his nipples..."

honeys anime character
Brock will always be the best gym leader in my opinion!

honeys anime character
He's got such a nice body, yet he can never win over Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny...