Polyamory For the Win: Tengen Uzui and His Terrific Trio of Wives

With the success of Mugen Train, Demon Slayer’s Entertainment District Arc has been a highly-anticipated anime for this Winter Season. What, with yet another Hashira, some more Upper-Rank demon action, and never-ending Nezuko cuteness, it’s safe to say the Demon Slayer is unlikely to disappoint. However, one of the things we at Honey’s Anime have been looking forward to watching most is Tengen Uzui’s trio of wives.

Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru are impressive new faces we’ve come across as we see more and more of the Demon Slayer Corps. And while we’ll always stan Nezuko, we can’t help but admire this Terrific Trio, so here’s the lowdown on the fresh faces we’re seeing in the current ongoing storyline.

!! Spoilers Ahead!!

Badass Babes

Tengen Uzui is loud and flamboyant, so you must be wondering what kind of women his companions would be. Well, look no further! Tengen’s Trio is both terrific and terrifying. Strong kunoichis (ninjas) in their own right, these badass babes have some pretty cool shinobi skills which they use to support their Hashira husband. In fact, all three ladies go undercover as courtesans to be Tengen’s eyes in the Entertainment District. That takes some solid nerves, given that this is a red-light area where women, especially, are at higher risk. However, we’re not too worried about these ladies, with a Hashira vouching for their skills, you can bet that these women are totally kick-ass!

Sisterhood of the Travelling Kunoichis

The Uzui family has practiced polygamy for generations. Each male member receives three wives (read: waifus) chosen by the head of the family, and this tradition applied to Tengen too. With the exception of Suma who approached him independently (go get it, girl!), Makio and Hinatsuru were chosen to be wives. Now, we presumed some amount of friction given this setup, and honestly, who wouldn’t? Polygamy is well and good for the consenting acquainted parties involved, but we seriously doubt strangers having to share a spouse would be smooth sailing.

And while we do see some friction amongst the strong personalities of these ladies, the bigger picture is anything but antagonistic. The three ladies all support each other in their roles, having found common ground through Tengen and their devotion to him. And while tempers may flash and beliefs may clash, from what we’ve seen these sister wives are more than simply cordial, they’re a full-blown, true blue family.

Happy Wife, Happy Wife

Tengen and the Wives, in spite of their unconventional circumstances, seem to have quite a happy dynamic. Suma, Hinatsuru, and Makio all revere their husband and his noble mission in the Demon Slayer corps and adopt his fanatical ideology to such a degree, that they’re willing to lay down their lives for their mission.

Surprisingly, in spite of his almost fanatical devotion to his mission, the Sound Pillar does deeply value and respect his wives, as he does urge them to consider their own safety over that of civilians and the mission itself. This sacrificial devotion on all their ends, while innocuous at first, really illuminates the true quality of the polygamous dynamic: Husband and Wives are loyal, respectful, and devoted to one another, so much so that they’ve essentially formed become a family themselves. Their strong bonds, built on mutual respect and devotion, give their connection a sense of closeness one wouldn’t expect to see across all members of a polygamous relationship.

Final Thoughts

Wow, we really didn’t see this kind of relationship coming in Demon Slayer. While polygamy is an extremely sensitive issue, Demon Slayer does appear to treat it as sensitively as an action anime can. Tengen and the Wives have quite an interesting situation going on, and while we were definitely surprised, we can’t say we hate how it turned out. Especially since all the individuals involved are so downright fabulous in their own rights.

So which badass babe is your fav? What do you think of the Uzui family situation? What’s your hot take on this portrayal of polygamy? Let us know in the comments below!

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