Pretty in Pink - Visiting Temtem's New Island: Cipanku

temtem_neoedo Pretty in Pink - Visiting Temtem's New Island: Cipanku

Temtem may still be in Early Access, but it's getting more complex and fun with every new update. There's a chance you've been playing it since the very first day, but we know some of you put it aside after finishing Kisiwa and maybe don't even know there's a new update. It's more than just a new island, so how about exploring Cipanku and everything you can do in it? Temtem up!

Cipanku 2077

Welcome to Cipanku, a technological island where you can find several Digital type monsters and a lot of beautiful landscapes. Hope you like pink grass, pink trees and... just pink things in general! Oh, but not everything has to do with temtem battles, you know? Cipanku is, as you can probably tell, based on classic Japan, so don't miss the opportunity to take a well-deserved rest in Onsenshima's hot springs!

Finally, Our Crystal Skates!

temtem_neoedo Pretty in Pink - Visiting Temtem's New Island: Cipanku

We won't tell you what this portion of the story is about, but we can assure you that you will experience several shocking moments, like the alleged death of one of the main characters—don't worry, you probably won't miss him that much anyways—or finally getting our precious crystal skates back! Of course, Cipanku houses a strong dojo leader too, so be prepared for a tough fight against Dr. Sasaya and her Digital and Electric friends.

Speaking of Dr. Sasaya's temtem, let's talk about some of the newly introduced creatures you can find in this new update. The dojo leader's main temtem is a luma Zaobian, but she also owns a cool shapeshifting monster called Mimit (according to Temtem's lore, the first Digital monster ever created) and a lovely Electric/Nature deer-like monster called Amphatyr, for example. There are over 20 new capturable temtem, including 2 more evolutions for Tuwai (Tulcan and Tuwire) and the first mythical monster to be introduced, Tyranak.

Uhmm... Is This Your Idea of "Cooperative"?

Tyranak is a Fire/Nature monster that looks like a giant dinosaur, and it can be found as part of the newly introduced Lair system (aka multiplayer raids). Sounds dope, right? Joining other tamers for a weekly adventure against a mythical creature that was presumed extinct. However, raids are not that good as they should...

Up to 5 players can start a raid, but you need at least 2 other players to form a group, do forget about going solo. Since it's new, you don't even need to join a club to find other people willing to run this dungeon, but we must say that without a match-making system, it could become troublesome in the future. Even if you find someone to help you, raids are not really "cooperative" and there's a chance you feel cheated.

You see, once you enter Tyranak's lair, every trainer goes a separate route, so you never do team battles or interact with another player. Your goal is to use random temtem you find or trade—sadly, you can't use the ones on your team—to defeat several shadow-like foes and so, earn as many mythical jewels as you can—once the team has enough jewels, the final boss fight is unlocked. It's not what we were expecting, but we do like the strategic part of it. Sometimes you need to keep fighting just so you can buy items or more temtem to stand a chance against the mythical monster. By doing that, however, you risk losing and having to quit early...

If you defeat Tyranak, you get a Tyranak egg and a SPATK Telomere Hack as a reward, so it's totally worth the shot. Can you imagine getting a luma Tyranak?! We still need to wait a few weeks before knowing how powerful these guys can be in a competitive match, but you can't deny it would be amazing to walk around with a luma mythical temtem by your side.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, this new update is really fun and brings a lot of QoL improvements we the fans have been asking for a long time. If you like monster-collecting games and this is the first time you hear about Temtem, do yourself a favor and go try it! If you already own it but took a break after finishing Kisiwa, then download this new update and try everything new. Remember Temtem is now available on consoles too, with a Switch version coming soon!

temtem_neoedo Pretty in Pink - Visiting Temtem's New Island: Cipanku


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temtem_neoedo Pretty in Pink - Visiting Temtem's New Island: Cipanku

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