Prince Bari - Would You Trust This Shaman to Read Your Fortune?

Not a lot of people trust shamans in this day and age, but they were highly respected people in the past. Still, there are some cultures that value their abilities to this day and go to them for advice in various matters. Is Yohan, the protagonist of this story, a true shaman or just a scammer looking for a way to make easy money?

A Scammer With a Gift

Yohan is not your average shaman: at first glance, he looks like a handsome young man, but there’s more to him than meets the eye. He knows exactly what his clients need, and he’s always right about their fortunes. He’s so popular that people have to book appointments three months in advance. But that’s not only because Yohan is popular… He needs to search his clients in advance to find more things about their lives before he can read their fortunes.

This shaman is a bit of a scammer but he can really see spirits. The problem is Donga, the spirit who accompanies Yohan since he was a little kid, is not very fond of working and refuses to help him. Even though Donga is lazy, he’ll agree to help when offered the things he likes the most: ice creams, cookies, chips… Just junk food in general! Working with Donga is enough but when a powerful spirit shows up, Yohan’s popularity skyrockets. For some reason, Donga is uncomfortable around the newcomer, though. What is he hiding?

Remembering the Past

When Yoonsung, a worried customer, visits Yohan, he can’t help but notice there’s a spirit tagging along. This spirit says he’s a great warrior called Chunho, a white tiger who lives in heaven with the Jade Emperor. Yohan also notices that Donga disappears the moment Chunho shows up, but he doesn’t pay much attention to that because he knows Donga will come back after Chunho leaves. If he leaves…

For various reasons, it is decided that Yoonsung and Chunho will start living together with Yohan and Donga, something that doesn’t sit well with the child spirit. At first, Donga avoids the white tiger because he reminds him of someone he used to know in the past. It doesn’t take long for Donga to realize that Chunho is the white tiger he used to know, but the great general doesn’t seem to remember him. As time goes by, it starts to get really difficult for Donga to be around Chunho, who reminds him of a time when they were together and happy. Although he can’t remember the past, Chunho notices there’s something wrong and he starts having weird dreams where he can clearly hear Donga’s voice. The great general gets closer to finding out the truth as days pass by…

Going Steady

Living together with Yoonsung and Chunho proves to be beneficial for Yohan. Not only is someone cooking delicious food for him, but he also has a powerful spirit to help him with the clients. Everything seems to be going just fine for Yohan except for one small detail: being around Yoonsung has him questioning some things. Why does he get all flustered whenever their eyes meet? Why is he avoiding Yoonsung? It doesn’t take long for Yohan to realize that he likes Yoonsung in a deep, romantic way.

The problem is that ever since he was a child, Yohan would run away from his problems, waiting for them to eventually disappear. This time, however, Yoonsung corners him and asks Yohan about his feelings. Having nowhere to run, Yohan confesses his feelings. Although they both feel the same way their relationship moves slowly, and it takes some time for them to even hold hands. Don’t expect anything spicy to happen between these two because you’ll be extremely disappointed! Nonetheless, Yohan and Yoonsung are really cute together, so we can look past the lack of steamy action.

Final Thoughts

Prince Bari is a manhwa that will keep you hooked until the very last chapter, and since every chapter is short, it’s an easy read. By the time you decide to take a break from reading, you’ll realize you’ve already finished reading the whole story! The character development is well-paced and the art is gorgeous. All in all, an enjoyable read that will make you smile, laugh, and maybe even cry!

prince-bari-cover Prince Bari - Would You Trust This Shaman to Read Your Fortune?

Author: Yaz L.

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