Prince of Stride: Alternative - Anime Winter 2016

prince of stride alternative
prince of stride alternative

Prince of Stride: Alternative


Sports, Shounen

Airing Date:
January 6, 2016



It takes a team of five runners and one relationer to make a team of six. These six then run throughout town competing in a high speed, extreme sport known as Stride.

Stride is a sport that is gaining steam all over the country and has risen in popularity to the point where it is starting to be offered as an after school club activity. However, at the Hounan Academny, the Stride club is now on the verge of being abolished!

Takeru Fujihara and Nana Sakurai are now on a mission to find new members to join among all of the new students who have just entered Hounan Academy. That way they can revitalize the club! The decide to rope in their fellow classmate Riku Yagami.

Riku has no interest in Stride so he refuses the requests of Nana and Takeru. Yet somehow, Riku is dragged to the Stride club room by the two of them and coerced into joining the club under the guise of some sort of bet... and here he is now as a runner of the Stride club.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Riku Yagami


Voice Actor: Ryohei Kimura

Riku is the main character of Prince of Stride: Alternative. He has a bright, friendly personality that is so easy-going, he can get along with anyone. He is blunt with everyone, however, there is a sort of charm and preciousness to it. It seems to come and go. He was asked by Takeru and Nana to join the Stride club but…

Takeru Fujiwara


Voice Actor: Nobuhiko Okamoto

Takeru has a cool personality and participates in Stride. He has no interest in anything other than Strike, and he has been a famous Stride athlete since he was in middle school. He is a boy of few words, but he is most passionate when he is out participating in Stride. He usually wears glasses, but when he is exercising, he changes into contacts.

Nana Sakurai


Voice Actor: Kana Hanazawa

Nana is a transplant new to Tokyo from Hokkaido. She happened to see the Stride club from Hounan Academy in a video and was immediately enthralled. Nana is honest and hardworking while afraid of nothing. She is the backbone of the Stride club and she works hard as the relationer.

Hozumi Kohinata


Voice Actor: Kensho Ono

Hozumi looks cute at first, but he is easily influenced. He works hard to get along well with others, but this is contrasted by his rather talkative nature. He is brave and this is evidenced by his unwavering smile. His nickname is “Hiisu-kun.” He has supported the club since it was at risk of being abolished.

Heath Hasekura


Voice Actor: Daisuke Ono

Heath is overflowing in manliness and reliability. He is half Japanese and half British. His handsome face is contrasted by his slightly crude interior. He feels as if it is fate that he has been brought to the Stride club.

Ayumu Kadowaki


Voice Actor: Hiro Shimono

Ayumu is the head of the Shogi club and part of the Stride club as well. He participates in both in order to save both from being abolished. He is a bit on the obsessive side over the Monthly Stride publication. Compared with the other members, he is not as good as they are, but he’s very smart and dedicated to the team.

Kyousuke Kuga


Voice Actor: Junichi Suwabe

Kyousuke used to be a member of the Hounan Academy Stride club. He gets angry when students refer to him as a delinquent. He isn’t very talkative, but he is an enigmatic wolf.

Yuujirou Dan


Voice Actor: Ryotarou Okiayu

He is the homeroom teacher of Takeru, Nana, and Riku. He teaches Japanese. He has a cool demeanor so he looks strict but he is actually just meticulous about what he does. He not only is the coach of the Stride team, but he is also their moral support. Yuujirou is always wearing a track suit.

Promotional Videos / PV

Other Titleプリンス・オブ・ストライド オルタナティブ
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Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: STRIDER’S HIGH by OxT
  • Ending Song: Be My Steady by Galaxy Standard
Visual Novel

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Shuji Sogabe
  • Director: Atsuko Ishizuka
  • Series Composition: Taku Kishimono
  • Character Design: Kokunen Ou
  • Original Illustrator: Kanako Nono

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