Project CARS 2 "Built By Drivers" Episode 1

What You Need to Know:

  • Project CARS is no stranger when it comes to details and the team behind it all putting their passion into creating a magnificent title for racing fans.
  • For Project CARS 2, that dedication has been taken to new heights through direct game development contributions from some of the motorsports world’s most well-known drivers.
  • The team has decided to create what's known as the “Built by Drivers” monthly video series, where they dive into more detail about what contributions real racecar drivers are making to the game - from tuning steering weight to dialing-in tire feel. With so much more being thrown under the hood before its late 2017 release, we're excited to see what's next! For now we'll leave you with the first episode in the Project CARS 2 “Built by Drivers” video series down below! Enjoy!

Source: Official Bandai Namco Entertainment Press Release

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I'm so revved up for more news after watching this video! Looks like everyone is gearing up for the next shift in racing games with Project CARS 2

honey's anime character
Those puns were immaculate Bee-kun!