PuraOre! Pride of Orange

PuraOre! Pride of Orange

Sports, School

Airing Date:
October 6, 2021


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The story of a girls' ice hockey team and their growth through sweat and tears.

“Pass the puck with your heart!”

The Dream Monkeys ice hockey team calls Nikko City their home. Who should walk in the front door to take part in their fan outreach event than Manaka, a local junior high student only there because her younger sister Ayaka practically dragged her along, as well as childhood friends Kaoruko and Mami. Riko and Naomi were also in attendance.
The girls become enamored with ice hockey to the point that they wanted to come back next week for more. It was not long before Manaka, Ayaka, Kaoruko, Riko, and Naomi were recruited by Coach Yoko to officially join the Dream Monkeys.
Meanwhile, Yu Kiyose, formerly of the feared Kushiro Snow White, determined to not only leave the team but to walk away from ice hockey altogether, moved in with her grandmother in Nikko City.
“I will never take to the ice again.”
It was Yoko, Manaka, and the others who managed to convince her to skate once again. With Yu now on the roster, the Dream Monkey’s rookie team was complete. They mature and meld into one cohesive unit over the course of practice matches and hockey camps.
“Pass the puck with your heart!” becomes their rallying cry and Manaka leads the Dream Monkeys into battle. Will they succeed?!
This is the girls’ coming-of-age tale built on sweat and tears.

Characters & Voice Actors

Puraore-KV2 PuraOre! Pride of Orange
Manaka Mizusawa: Riku Masuda

Manaka is an optimistic ball of sunshine, but in a good way. She’s the type to act on an impulse rather than think everything through. In fact, she can be quite emotional and a bit of a crybaby as well.
Puraore-KV2 PuraOre! Pride of Orange
Yu Kiyose: Satomi Hongou

Although she is a perfectionist, Yu has thin skin and is surprisingly sensitive. Manaka’s happy-go-lucky attitude often rubs her the wrong way, but that’s just because she’s jealous. Yu’s life revolves around ice hockey, so the world outside the rink is foreign to her. However, her ability to come through in the clutch with seemingly divine intervention has inspired tremendous faith in her from the rest of the team.
Puraore-KV2 PuraOre! Pride of Orange
Ayaka Mizusawa: Mayu Sagara

Ayaka is Manaka’s younger sister, albeit by only one year. Plagued by her short stature and lack of strength, she works as hard as she can to catch up with her sister and the rest of the girls. Ayaka plays best at pivotal moments, but typically functions more like the team mascot.
Puraore-KV2 PuraOre! Pride of Orange
Riko Saginuma: Saika Kitamori

The team’s ace and passionate, encouraging “older sister” of sorts. A natural athlete, her tomboyish looks go all the way back to when she was a kid. The competitive fire burning in her heart drives her to train relentlessly. She played ice hockey once a long time ago.
Puraore-KV2 PuraOre! Pride of Orange
Naomi Takagi: Asuka Shioiri

A shy intellectual with high grades and an even higher IQ, it takes a long time to break through Naomi’s shell. While she doesn’t speak very often, her punchlines are ruthless. Riko managed to convince her to join the Dream Monkeys.
Puraore-KV2 PuraOre! Pride of Orange
Kaoruko Yanagida: Yurika Moriyama

Nikko City is known for strawberries, and Kaoruko happened to grow up as an only child on a strawberry farm. The picture of kind-hearted common sense, Kaoroku always has a smile on her face and even provides snacks for the team. She is kind, but also has an iron will that drives her to protect her friends. Her love of hot springs has no equal.
Puraore-KV2 PuraOre! Pride of Orange
Mami Ono: Yoshino Aoyama

Mami and Manaka have been best friends since they were little. Although Mami gets lost among the rest of the team’s bright personalities, she supports them from the shadows. A fast sport like ice hockey seemed to be the last thing a low-key person like her would enjoy, but... Mami is also particularly skilled at embroidering.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Figh Oh Fight!" by Team Puraore!
  • Ending Song: "Orange" by May'n
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Puraore! Media Mix Partners (CyberAgent / EXNOA)
  • Director: Takfumi Anzai
  • Series Composition: Touko Machida
  • Character Design: Craft Egg (original) / Kie Tanaka (anime)
  • Animation Director: Ryousuke Yamada (C2C)
  • Sound Director: Akiko Fujita
  • Music: MONACA / Youhei Kisara (Stray Cats)

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