Purple Haze Feedback Light Novel Review - Fugo Finally Gets His Dues

Fugo Finally Gets His Dues
  • Author : Kouhei Kadono
  • Illustrator : Hirohiko Araki
  • Publisher : Shueisha, JUMP j-BOOKS
  • Genre : Action, Adventure, Super Power
  • Published : Action, Adventure, Super Power

Hajishirazu no Purple Haze (Purple Haze Feedback) Introduction

Written by Kouhei Kadono (of Boogiepop fame) and peppered with illustrations by Araki, Purple Haze Feedback is a light novel spinoff of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind that stars Pannacotta Fugo. Six months after the conclusion of part 5, Giorno sends Fugo off on a mission to take out the rogue narcotics team and its mysterious leader, Massimo Volpe. Joined by new companions Sheila E and Cannolo Murolo, Fugo sets out to prove his loyalty to Passione and perhaps even forgive himself for deserting Bruno’s team on that fateful day.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

In the original manga, Fugo didn’t get much to do – he only participated in one fight, barely got any backstory, and left the group for good after Bruno decided to betray the boss. The anime filled in a few narrative gaps, but still left him as the least developed member of the gang, so Purple Haze Feedback is considered an important piece of JoJo lore because it significantly expands Fugo’s character. Kadono’s prose is well written for the most part and Araki’s illustrations bring the unique new characters to life with vibrant expressions and poses, so this light novel is worth your time if you’re a serious JoJo fan or just want to see more adventures in the world of flamboyant Italian gangsters.

Why You Should Read Purple Haze Feedback

1. Fleshing Out Fugo

While the manga only implied that Fugo felt guilty for leaving his comrades in Venice, Purple Haze Feedback explores his internal conflict in depth. He knows that he made the logical choice, but he’s haunted by the possibility that he could’ve saved Bucciarati, Abbacchio, and his best friend Narancia if he had embraced his terrifying Stand power and risked his security to fight alongside them. This struggle is what motivates and changes Fugo throughout his journey.

2. A New Author’s Point of View

Kadono’s Boogiepop series is well known for being deeply psychological and mysterious, so it’s no surprise that Purple Haze Feedback tackles more esoteric themes than most canon JoJo material. The impact of lost loved ones on our day-to-day lives, the ambiguity of drugs and assisted suicide as methods to alleviate suffering, accepting the most hated parts of ourselves so we can use them for good... it’s all here, and somehow it all works.

3. Fascinating Stand Battles

The new Stand powers on display in this light novel are incredibly creative and make for some fascinating fights when pitted against each other. One of our favorites is Rainy Day Dream Away, which locks feelings into place the same way that Kraft Work locks objects. Its user disorients Fugo by forcing him to feel like he’s falling forever, which Fugo can only combat by launching himself into the air and dropping down at terminal velocity. We’d love to see these battles animated in an OVA someday!

Why You Should Skip Purple Haze Feedback

1. Out-of-Character Moments

One unfortunate side effect of Purple Haze Feedback being written by a different author is that the existing characters don’t always behave in the way we expect them to. Giorno suffers the most from this, coming off as far too perfect and aloof – we wish he would’ve treated Fugo as more of an equal, seeing as they were both low-ranking gangsters not six months ago.

2. Irrelevant to the Canon Story

As intriguing as this new addition to JoJo lore can be, it’s ultimately irrelevant to the rest of the series. The anime chose to invent its own version of Fugo’s backstory rather than use the one presented here, and it’s honestly pretty doubtful that an OVA would ever be made for a spinoff that Araki didn’t even write himself. While Purple Haze Feedback is a fun read, you won’t miss anything by skipping it.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we recommend this light novel for JoJo fans who are looking for something to scratch their fandom itch while waiting for a new anime episode or Jojolion chapter. It’s an unusual romp filled with introspective psychological drama and action-packed battles for our favorite angry Swiss cheese boy, and if that’s what you’re looking for, Purple Haze Feedback won’t disappoint.

What did you think of our review? Have you ever read Purple Haze Feedback? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

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