Puss in Suit, Pup in Tie Gives the Word “Wholesome” a New Meaning [Manhwa]

With every new title that Lezhin decides to publish on their website, we find ourselves buying the chapters as they come out, desperate to know what will happen next. Puss in Suit, Pup in Tie is no exception. This BL manhwa is so pure it would even make the toughest person feel all warm and fuzzy.

One of the best things about this story is how the characters are so different yet they seem to be made for each other… Even though one of them is a bit reluctant to realize that yet. Do you like wholesome stories? Then this right here is what you’ve been looking for.

A Feline With the Personality of a Dog

Everyone at the office sees Hyunjin as someone who resembles a black panther: elegant, smooth, and unapproachable. Truth is, Hyunjin might look like that on the outside, but he’s a huge softie with a personality similar to that of a puppy. And Hyunjin’s personality starts to show even more when a new employee starts working at the company.

Sunwoo just wants to do his job, without people bothering him for no reason. He’s cold and distant, with an aloof demeanor, much like an unfriendly cat. For this reason, people at work are a bit reluctant to approach him… Except for Hyunjin. The department director doesn’t know how to take no for an answer and keeps trying to become friends with Sunwoo, failing miserably every time. Why isn’t Sunwoo interested in him at all? Day after day, the employees at the marketing department watch Hyunjin trying to strike up a conversation with Sunwoo, only to be rejected. Far from being discouraged, Hyunjin keeps trying to get close to the new employee. It’s hard not to root for this man, he’s so cute when he acts like a puppy!

Is It Working?

Some days have passed since Sunwoo joined the company, and Hyunjin is still unable to become friends with him when suddenly a golden opportunity presents itself. Some of the employees at the marketing department are going out for drinks and they invite Hyunjin. Knowing that Sunwoo is going to be there, he accepts, but he’s warned not to be too insistent. Of course, his eagerness gets the best of him, and Sunwoo escapes from the gathering, more scared than ever.

After that day, Hyunjin promises he’s going to be more careful before approaching Sunwoo, but it’s just hard for this man to keep his composure… Finally, like some sort of miracle, Hyunjin and Sunwoo end up having drinks just the two of them at a bar. Sunwoo ends up getting so drunk that Hyunjin takes him to his house and learns something about Sunwoo that raises many questions. After refusing to share a bed with him, Sunwoo tells Hyunjin that he’s gay and Hyunjin wonders: why doesn’t Sunwoo like him then?! Gotta admire that man’s self-confidence…

Wholesome and Beautifully Drawn

Puss in Suit, Pup in Tie is one of those stories that keeps you hooked until you get to the last chapter, making you wonder when the next one will be uploaded. It’s hard to wait weekly for new updates, but when a story is this cute and entertaining, it’s worth it! It is refreshing to see a uke who doesn’t fall head over heels for the seme straight away. More than that, Sunwoo is not interested in Hyunjin at all, he doesn’t even notice him most of the time.

Apart from the likable characters, the art style is very easy on the eyes and appealing. The characters’ personalities can be seen through the way they’re drawn, with Hyunjin being always surrounded by bright colors as opposed to Sunwoo, who always has grey around him. And even though Hyunjin is portrayed as a big, friendly dog, he also has moments where he appears as an irresistibly handsome, dark feline. Puss in Suit, Pup in Tie is the perfect balance between gorgeous art, attractive characters, and a cliche but nice story.

Final Thoughts

Who doesn’t enjoy wholesome stories? These are the best kind to come back to after a long, tiring day. Puss in Suit, Pup in Tie is granted to make you feel all sorts of emotions. And all of them will be positive!

It’s hard to resist the charm of the main characters. What’s hard, though, is waiting for those new chapters to be available. We need to know what will happen next!

puss-in-suit-pup-in-tie-splash Puss in Suit, Pup in Tie Gives the Word “Wholesome” a New Meaning [Manhwa]

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