Puzzle & Dragons Cross Summer OP & ED Announced!

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Puzzle & Dragons Cross

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Airing Date:
July 4 2016

Other Seasons:

Studio Pierrot

Honey's Highlights

mo-happy1 Puzzle & Dragons Cross Summer OP & ED Announced!
Ah! I have liked this game for forever! I am so happy Puzzle and Dragons Z has a new show in the franchise now!
mo-happy1 Puzzle & Dragons Cross Summer OP & ED Announced!
Yes! This was announced at Anime Japan 2016! This appears to be very shounen in nature.
mo-happy1 Puzzle & Dragons Cross Summer OP & ED Announced!
This is definitely going to be like Beyblade or Battle Spirits! Have you seen the trailer yet? It’s got me pumped!

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The anime adaptation for the upcoming adventure puzzle role-playing 3DS game, Puzzle & Dragons Cross. The game goes on sale July 28 2016, and will also be getting a manga serialisation starting in April 15 2016.

Puzzle & Dragons Cross takes place on an island overflowing with Drop Energy and rich nature: Dragoza Island. Here, our protagonist must face various trials and tribulations!

One day, Ace picks up a mysterious egg that calls out his name. From this egg hatches Tamazou, a greedy monster. This meeting with Tamazou leads Ace on the path to becoming the Ryuukanshi (Dragon Summoner). Alongside his many friends and rivals, he diligently applies himself, hoping to become a fully-fledged Ryuukanshi. But can he become a member of the Ryuukanshi Guild, where only the chosen assemble?

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Takuto Yoshinaga

Ace is the boy aiming to be the Ryuukanshi (Dragon Summoner). He is an energetic and straightforward boy who lives with his mother. One day, he meets Tamazou and Lance the Dragon Summoner, and awakens the power lying within him. With this, he sets out on a journey to Dragoza to become a Dragon Summoner.


Voice Actor: Tetsuya Kakihara

Lance is the young noble of ice. Ace’s rival, he’s a genius who has excellent skills as a Dragon Summoner for the Guild. He’s always trying to become the strongest Dragon Summoner he can be without relying on others, but he can speak his mind with Devi.


Voice Actor: Tmoko Kaneda

An unusual monster that hatched from an egg that Ace found. He loves pulling pranks and is always messing with those around him.


Voice Actor: Chika Sakamoto

A monster that is always with Lance as his partner. The two think of each other very dearly.


Voice Actor: Sora Amamiya

Silent and calm, Sonia is a kindhearted Dragon Summoner. In order to protect the nature of Dragoza Island, she works day and night. It seems as though she has been instructed by someone to secretly watch over Ace…

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: WE ARE GO by UVERworld
    Colors by Lenny code fiction
    Montage by Porno Graffiti
  • Ending Song: Color FULL Combo by Shiori Tomita
    Puzzle by Natsume Mito
    Colorful Jump by J☆Dee'Z

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: GungHo
  • Director: Hajime Kamegaki
  • Series Composition: Dai Sato, StoryRiders
  • Character Design: Yukiko Akiyama
  • Sound Director: Keiko Urakami, Yusuyuki Urakami
  • Music: Kousuke Yamashita

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