[Honey’s Anime Interview] R.O.N from STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION

SDF-TRISTAR-Cover-Art-500x500 [Honey’s Anime Interview] R.O.N from STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION

Here at Honey's Anime, we love music, especially anime music A.K.A anisong. We are very lucky to get to meet R.O.N from STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION, who is a talented producer and musician that has created so many popular songs for the anime industry. His latest release is the song "TRISTAR", the ending theme of the TV anime Muv-Luv Alternative. Keep reading to find out more about this song from the creator himself!


Interview with R.O.N from STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION

Your latest single “TRISTAR”, is entirely sung in English, what has been the main motivation to write songs in English?

I heard that MUV-LUV has many fans overseas. This time our team decided to write in English so that they can feel much more closeness with both the anime and the song.

How do you come up with the themes to write lyrics?

Normally our A&R and I read all the script and pick up some words that can be the main theme or the symbol of the story. And after that, I build a whole story using them which express the world of the anime and also our songs.

Your music has a very futuristic sound, yet it sounds nostalgic and warm to the ears. What do you think are the elements that make the sound of SDF unique and very appealing to listeners?

I usually create many kinds of genres to produce like rock, pop, hip-hop and not only songs but also BGM for animation, TV-show, drama and so on. To make many songs like those, I use many kinds of instruments including acoustic instruments. With the method of making them, maybe it gives a warm vibe and comfort sound to my songs even if those are mainly created with EDM essence.

As a multi-instrumentalist, which is your favorite instrument to play onstage and which one is your favorite to write songs in the studio?

I play guitar, bass and keyboard. Among them I like the keyboard. I normally make music with piano and guitar. Like it or not, I choose the efficient one to create depending on the order of the songs.

Can you tell us a little about your projects for next year?

I’ll be joining the animation “Futsal boys!!!!!” making an ED of this anime.

Final Thoughts

We can't thank R.O.N enough for taking the time to tell us about his latest release and creation process, one more time. We look forward to his future projects, and we will make sure to meet him again to have another wonderful conversation.

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SDF-TRISTAR-Cover-Art-500x500 [Honey’s Anime Interview] R.O.N from STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION


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