Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue - PlayStation 4 Preview

The beginning of great things

Game Info: (Box Display)

  • System: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Publisher: MercurySteam
  • Developer: MercurySteam
  • Release Date: Sept 22, 2017

Who it Caters to

Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue aims at delivering intense third person action and shooting as well as single or cooperative gameplay. Players can take on several missions—as the prologue is free to play—and if they like what they see can download the various expansion packs as they release. Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue is meant for those who want to experience a sci-fi based shooter with tons of comedy, story and hundreds of enemies to kill. If you want to see how the enemy deals with your team, you can always switch sides and take down other players via the antagonist mode! Get ready to endure a fun but challenging ride in Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue. You might want to get some friends to help…

What to Expect

Intense action, fast and frenetic combat and a fun story. These are the elements you’ll find once you boot up Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue. Play alone or with some buddies/strangers as you try to take down various enemies and bosses. Each mission available will challenge you to keep a constant eye on your surroundings as enemies are relentless and brutal. Players can choose who to bring into a battle—as there are several available characters to play as—with each raider bringing a specific skill set to the battlefield. If you feel you’re able to take down the enemies on the easier difficulties, each mission can be replayed numerous times on higher difficulties which will task you with getting better and better. Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue is third person action that never lets up and for those who love the sound of that, you’re going to love this game.


Long ago, humanity discovered a powerful energy known as Aleph. Those who controlled and mastered Aleph found themselves imbued with powers no one had ever seen before. As humanity learned quickly, Aleph allowed for humans to travel into space via teleportation and time-manipulation but as with any new power gained a price seems to follow. Aleph caused a numerous amount of problems with the world and as time passed humanity scattered to the far reach of space to search for even greater power and more Aleph to be used. Many light years away from the small planet Earth a world called the Broken Planet houses tons of Aleph and humanity has decided to fight for it no matter the cost.


Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue is one of the games that, at first glance, you wonder what is so special about it. There have been numerous sci-fi third person shooting games done by other indie developers like MercurySteam and that means the competition can be pretty fierce. However, MercurySteam was smart as they allowed players to download for free the first part of their game titled Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue meaning you can try it out and not lose a single dime. Well we here at Honey’s Anime got to play not only the prologue but some of the other missions available and we wanted to tell you guys and girls out there our opinions. Welcome to our preview review of Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue.

Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue is first and foremost a third person action/shooting title. Players choose from one of several raiders who each have their own perks, weapon loadouts and various skills and then enter one of the two available missions. It’s very important to read what each character can do prior to beginning a mission as some missions will even tell you a character will make the battle harder for you and that’s due to the objectives in that mission or maybe the foes you will face.

The prologue of Raiders of the Broken Planet may only contain the first two missions to play but don’t believe you’re going to not have much to do as these missions aren’t short by any means. It’s already clear to us here at Honey’s Anime that Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue is the literal tip of the iceberg and that should entice most gamers into purchasing the first slew of missions as soon as they can for $9.99. However, since we’re only preview reviewing the prologue, we can say that two missions available are a good way of judging the main game as they offer up a nice amount of challenge and different objectives.

Now while all of this sounds good, the question on most minds out there is how does Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue play? If we could answer that question in two words we would say: incredibly well. Controls are responsive, movements feel good and even the sticky wall cover system—as there is no stick to wall button to utilize—works well and isn’t intrusive as some other titles that mirror that design. Alright now, we know you’re going to ask the following question, what can you do in Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue? Don’t worry we’re now going to talk about that.

In terms of actual combat, Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue offers up an interesting gameplay style. As we mentioned, each character has a different means of gameplay such as Harec—one of the raiders mind you—who is nimble, can melee quickly and uses a sniper rifle for maximum damage. Seeing as how melee is an important element towards gaining back used ammo and doing some of the objectives, Harec relies more on stealthy approach then in your face combat. Meanwhile, the tank like raider named Konstantin uses a Gatling Gun and can melee with strength but lacks speed and versatility. We tried out these and other characters and can honestly say they all play quite differently which means no one will ever feel repetition creeping in if they should choose to do the same mission repeatedly.

In terms of aesthetics, Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue looks incredible. The movie-like camera shots and bobs during cutscenes makes every moment feel Hollywood-like. This also is enhanced by impressive—and unique if we might add—character designs as well awesome voice acting. The music as well really fits the mood and makes every encounter feel action packed. Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue almost seems like a perfect game, but as we always do, we must mention the bad.

Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue does have some issues and while most are minor, there is one we’re incredibly worried about. The minor issues come in the form of the extremely chaotic gameplay which can at times be frustrating. Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue is a tough game but we also feel that difficulty comes because at times enemies will just be behind you without warning and or an enemy one hits kills you. While luckily, each team gets a numerous amount of restack-able respawns—which do replenish if lost but that equally makes you vulnerable and death then means having to restart the entire mission—often we died just because of random chaos and that can kill a fun time. Though our biggest concern comes in the form of the lack of people playing Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue. We tried multiple times of day and ways to play online with others and found no games to join. Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue has been out now for nearly a week as of doing this review and if it’s this hard to find a game, we wonder if later, there will be anyone playing at all, which is a scary thing. However, solo play still works fine and that for us was enough to enjoy the most of what Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue has to offer.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Developer MercurySteam’s Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue is easily one of the better third person shooters we’ve played in some time here at Honey’s Anime. We were also given the means of playing the first slew of paid missions in Raiders of the Broken Planet and our mindset says that people at the very least must try this game out. The sci-fi story is fun, the banter is even better and the overall gameplay is really awesome. Our major worry is the longevity of Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue as with matchmaking we struggled to find other players and that was regardless of mission or gameplay mode. We really hope more people download Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue as this is an amazing title that offers up tons of gameplay styles and a slew of difficulty options.

Honey's Pros:

  • Awesome sci-fi themed art
  • Hilarious cutscenes and dialogue
  • Great sci-fi story
  • Impressive music and voice acting
  • Solid controls
  • Numerous different characters to choose from
  • The ability to play as both good guys and bad guys
  • Free to try out

Honey's Cons:

  • Playing solo will challenge most
  • Missions can be too chaotic at times
  • Matchmaking doesn’t seem too populated
  • Not enough enemy variety at least in the prologue

Honey's Final Verdict:

Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue was an incredible experience that much we can say without any doubt in our minds. While playing alone may hinder your enjoyment thanks to some rather crushingly tough missions, Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue has a lot of potential to be one of the greater third person action titles on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue is free for the first few missions and other antagonist mode so there’s nothing to lose, download this awesome game today folks! With that though, our review of Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue must conclude but we thank you for your time. Let us know in the comments below how you think we did and if you plan on trying out Raiders of the Broken Planet - Prologue. As always if you loved this game review we here at Honey’s Anime have plenty more coming your way!



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