Rail Romanesque

Maitetsu-vol1-e1601514329332 Rail Romanesque

Maitetsu-vol1-e1601514329332 Rail Romanesque

Rail Romanesque

Sci-Fi, Harem, Slice of Life

Airing Date:
Fall 2020


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An anime set in the world of the hit game “Maitetsu”.

Showa 63 (1988), October. Hinomoto has lost most of its former railroads during the Track Closure Era. This story takes place in Ohitoyoshi, a town in the Kumamoto prefecture of the Kyushu region.
Thanks to the promotional efforts headed by the steam locomotive “8620” and its Railord, Hachiroku, the town’s once-ruined economy has been revitalized and its name is now synonymous with the renaissance of the railway.

To further raise the people’s spirits towards rebuilding the railroads, as well as to promote communication between railway companies (called “Maitetsu”) from across the nation, the town is now planning to hold the first Maitetsu Festival.
Humanoid modules that control the railways, called “Railords”, have also convened from all corners of Hinomoto with their respective masters.
The Railords, inspired by the conferences the humans hold daily and brought together by their enthusiasm, host their own “Railord Summit” with famed Railord “Suzushiro” in the center of the movement.
They gather at the railroad station café “Amairo” to share their ideas on how to add their own colors to the upcoming Maitetsu Festival.

Characters & Voice Actors

Suzushiro : Sumire Uesaka

A Railord and actress whose acting talents blossomed when she was chosen to play as herself in “Railord Suzushiro”, a TV show about a steam locomotive, after the original actress left due to a sudden illness. Though soft-spoken by nature, she takes on the role of a leader who can be counted on for her outstanding popularity and fame when with the other Railords.

Ran: Aya Uchida

The star of the Railords whose nickname “the Prince of Railords” is internationally recognized. She has many female fans due to her androgynous looks and princely attitude. However, outside of work she is a simple, honest girl who is good with her hands. She is particularly skilled at building computers, and her hobby is electrical engineering. 

Kiko: Aya Suzaki

A fashionable young lady with a retro taste who trundles along the Nakoya Kabagori Railway with Hinomoto’s last ever steam tram, the “Hoji 6016”. She appreciates the past, but also looks eagerly to the future, and is full of curiosity. She is well-mannered and takes her coal by crushing it with a specialized coal mill, instead of crunching on it whole. 

Iyo: Ai Furihata

A laid-back and friendly girl who speaks with an Iyo dialect. She is blonde with blue eyes due to her Greman roots; because of this and a famous novel based on her hometown Matsugayama, she is often called “Madonna” by tourists to her chagrin.

Kurenai: Tomoyo Kurosawa

Views the KiHa 07 as her rival due to being the same car type, and burns with ambition to bring her down. A hot-headed Railord who hates to lose and a hard worker. 

Riiko: Yurika Kubo

Born in Ingland during the Meiji Era. One of the oldest Railords in Hinomoto... and also rather unreliable. 

Kakaa: Mai Nagai

A Railord who embodies the two staples of Joshu, hard-working women and dry winds, with her big heart and dependable, motherly disposition. 

Shirogane: Tenchimu

Despite her pretty features, she is hardly ever noticed due to her quiet personality which prevents her from speaking up. However, her excellent operational records lead her to become a specialist in towing passenger and cargo cars through the undersea Kanmon Tunnels.
Suika: Ayaka Igasaki

A brilliant and cheery elite Railord who started life as the celebrated prototype of Xina’s pride and joy, the diesel-electric locomotive DF4, and provided valuable data until she began operation.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: ”Wonderful Rail” by Ayumi.
"Maitetsu" (Game)

Main Staff
  • Director: Hisayoshi Hirasawa
  • Script: Koichi Motomura
  • Character Design: Takayuki Noguchi
  • Sound Director: Hisayoshi Hirasawa
  • Music: AYUMI ONE.

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