Raise Your Swords for Knightly Waifu Snow from Combatants Will Be Dispatched!

Knights in the anime world often come across as tough guys/girls who need to prove themselves by acting heroic as well as prim and proper. Snow from Sentouin, Hakenshimasu! (Combatants Will Be Dispatched) is not one of those typical knights. Blessed with beautiful curves and sword-fighting skills, Snow is a knight unlike most. We here at Honey’s Anime have fallen head over heels for this oppai-blessed woman and we knew we had to show her how much we love her! Like any good otaku, it’s time to praise our love Snow and show why you’ll want to join her ranks!

Quirky but Hilarious Personality

As we mentioned earlier, Snow isn’t your average knight shinning with honor and living by specific codes of conduct. Snow loves—and we mean loves—money and her sword collection equally. This buxom bombshell even sleeps with her swords as if they are hug pillows! Snow can be a strange knight if you try to align her with normal anime knights but that is what makes her such a fun and quirky female warrior. Now only if we could be hugged like her swords…

Tsundere Snow Start

Tsundere fans out there, hear us as we have a new girl to enlist in your growing collection. Snow is 100% tsundere as evident by her various reactions to Six’s actions towards other women and to how she will react with extreme violence afterward. We can never have enough tsundere to love and Snow has shown she’s a worthwhile addition to the team. Just be ready to have a sword drawn if she really gets mad…

Those Oppai Are Legendary!

Beautiful silver hair, a stunning set of green eyes, and an imposing form. Those are a few elements that hit us when we observe Snow. However, Snow’s other incredible trait lies in her oppai that just beg to be loved. Often fondled by the VERY lucky Six, Snow’s chest is just absolute perfection. There’s a reason why even Snow is willing to let the “girls” loose; she is self-aware of her oppai greatness.

Raise Your Swords

Despite her tsundere attitude and often comical craziness, Snow is first and foremost a swordswoman. This sword-loving knight is quite capable with a blade as she can easily dissect any threat that opposes her! Regardless of the size or skill of the enemy, Snow will draw her trust blade and show why she was given the title of best swordswoman at such an early age.

Willing to Do Anything

Snow isn’t shy about performing any deed that she feels will help her team out. She literally gave her body up to be punched/groped/kissed if it would help Agent Six. This might be a sign of her…weirdness as we noted earlier but, in our opinion, this shows her tenacity as a teammate. Snow wants to be useful and that means taking one for the team—and the viewers—if the opportunity arises.

Final Thoughts

Snow was one of the better waifu to come out of the spring 2021 anime season but even now in the summer, she’s still melting our hearts. We pray Combatants Will Be Dispatched gets a second season just so we can have more Snow fill our eyes and hearts! Did you also fall in love with Snow? Let us know in the comments what you loved about her! For even more anime greatness be sure to keep stuck to our loving hive here at Honey’s Anime! Now then…let’s go search online for some more Snow memorabilia!

Sentouin-Hakenshimasu-Wallpaper-7-700x496 Raise Your Swords for Knightly Waifu Snow from Combatants Will Be Dispatched!


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