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Not as real as you may think

Game Info: (Box Display)

  • System: PC, MAC, Xbox One, PS4
  • System: SOEDESCO Publishing
  • Developer: Triangle Studios
  • Release Date: Oct 20, 2017

Who it Caters to

Real-Farm-game-300x374 Real Farm - PC Review
Real Farm gives those who want a farming simulator that is less about fantasy and more about reality. Work your way up from a newbie farmer to someone who owns their own land. Make money by plowing fields, raising cattle and selling resources. As you earn money buy, better equipment and become the ultimate farmer. In Real Farm, live the life of a farmer as you work hard but get rewarded for said work.

What to Expect

Real-Farm-game-300x374 Real Farm - PC Review
In Real Farm, players should be prepared to learn the basics of farming and eventually become master farmers. Raise everything from cattle to livestock as you do odd jobs to eventually become rich enough for your own farm. Players have two gameplay modes to try. You could either take on career mode or play free mode which allows you to play the Real Farm on your own terms. Either mode offers similar gameplay so the choice is ultimately yours. With possible dozens of hours of gameplay, Real Farm will appeal to those who like farming games and enjoy the farming simulation experience.


Real-Farm-game-300x374 Real Farm - PC Review
Real Farm has a very simple story to follow. The player has just been hired as a new farmer to work for an elderly man who has grown his farming team. As a new worker, you quickly show your boss your skills are quite impressive and you begin to take harder and harder jobs. Once you’ve proven your skills as a beginner, your boss tells you to get your own gear and take jobs so you can eventually build your own farm. In Real Farm, your time to shine begins here.


Real-Farm-game-300x374 Real Farm - PC Review
Farming simulator games aren’t exactly a new theme in the gaming world. From titles like Farming Simulator 18 to the Harvest Moon franchise, you can find plenty of games to enjoy if you want to be a farmer but would rather not get your hands dirty. Recently a new farming simulator came across us here at Honey’s Anime by developer Triangle Studios called Real Farm. With open minds we went into Real Farm wondering if it would wow us with realistic gameplay and if it would live up to its name. Here is our review of Real Farm for the PC.

First in case you’ve never played a farming simulator, let us discuss what you’re getting into if you buy Real Farm. Real Farm totes itself as a farming simulator with realistic environments, a large world to maneuver around in and an accurate simulation title. Players will begin the game by choose one of two gameplay modes—Career or Free Mode—and then start by learning how to play Real Farm. After a decently long tutorial—which can take up to 40 minutes—you’re then let loose to buy your own equipment and take on different jobs to earn money for even better equipment, various supplies and even livestock. This element leads to you truly feeling like you’re becoming a farmer and working from the ground up but unfortunately this is also where Real Farm begins to show its major issues.

Gameplay wise, Real Farm isn’t overly difficult to control. Players will either be walking/running around in first person and or going into a vehicle to move around the map. Depending on the job, you’re then going to choose equipment that works for said job and go off to accomplish said task. It’s not hard to quickly learn what equipment does what as the tutorial is pretty helpful for the major elements but equally not everything is fully explained and you’ll have to progress further to get an understanding of everything you can do in Real Farm. Though you will still need a bit of trial and error with some of the equipment even as you get into the later aspects of the game.

The actual controls of Real Farm work well enough but can be sometimes finicky. Whether you’re using a mouse and keyboard or an Xbox One Controller—which is thankfully supported—controls at times feel floaty and occasionally unresponsive. Often, we found a delay in responses regardless of the control scheme and it made hitching equipment or even doing various farming jobs more difficult and tedious than it should have been. Add to that some occasionally technical issues—we got trapped several times in some of the environments and even couldn’t enter our tractors a few times—and Real Farm shows that control wise not everything runs so smooth. If you want a way to break a simulation title and remove any level of immersion this is unfortunately how to do that.

Besides the controls, we also noticed issues with both the graphics and technical side of Real Farm. Regardless of the graphical setting, we here at Honey’s Anime ran into a slew of problems. Often, we would run into issues such as occasional lag, frame rate problems and even odd glitches as we saw weird rain effects and even shadows moving about erratically. However, when Real Farm ran smoothly it was actually not a bad looking game with some impressive details in some aspects of the environment and even the various farming tools player will end up using. Though, with lifeless environments and desolate locations, Real Farm might be okay graphically but won’t be something you’ll consider great to look at either.

Though what makes Real Farm suffer more than anything else is just a sheer lack of enjoyment overall. While we know farming simulators aren’t for everyone—like other simulations they have a niche following—when we played Farming Simulator 18, we actually enjoyed that and despite it being on a handheld device—we played it for the PS Vita—it ran smoother and offered more gameplay enjoyment. Real Farm feels tedious and usually extremely repetitive. Even the music tracks feel repetitive with only several to listen to and each being pretty similar in tone and theme. With a small world and very few things to do and or see—even the cars and towns have no life outside of you—Real Farm feels more like a fake farm at the end of the

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Real-Farm-game-300x374 Real Farm - PC Review
Unfortunately, Real Farm has a lot of ambition but falls apart in several important categories. While the farming gameplay feels accurate and some of the in-game environments, look graphically strong, the rest of Real Farm suffers from boring gameplay, buggy gameplay mechanics and a lack of enjoyment overall. We really don’t hate Real Farm but we feel this could have turned out a lot better if more time was taken with certain elements and the price was dramatically lower. Though as it is, Real Farm should be a game that you consider passing up for other farming games like Farming Simulator 18.

Honey's Pros:

  • Some environments are very detailed
  • Accurate farming gear
  • Simple gameplay

Honey's Cons:

  • Boring Gameplay
  • World feels lifeless and empty
  • Small map with very little to do
  • Technical issues are common
  • Odd designs for camera and control

Honey's Final Verdict:

Real-Farm-game-300x374 Real Farm - PC Review
Here at Honey’s Anime we never consider any game a failing title, especially if it’s clear the developers tried to make something impressive. Real Farm has moments where you can clearly see some solid gameplay ideas were thought of but the execution fails to deliver and thus becomes a game filled with issues left and right. With the price tag being $39.99, Real Farm is outshined by more impressive farming simulators out there in the gaming landscape and won’t feel like a solid purchase for the price. How do you guys and girls feel about Real Farm, do you agree with our thoughts or do you have another opinion? Comment down below and for even more game reviews and articles keep stuck to us here at Honey’s Anime.

Real-Farm-game-300x374 Real Farm - PC Review


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