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Winter 2020


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Yu, a first-year student at Tebasaki High School in Nagoya, is a girl who loves the Trading Card Game "Rebirth".
In an unexpected turn of events, she formed a team with Chiharu, the poster girl of a kushikatsu shop, and Shuko, a genius junior high school student.
A mad scientist named Aoi, a common yet mysterious girl named Kozue, and Ikumi, who loves looking up to the stars all the time, are united to spend their lively and fulfilled Rebirth life.
On the other hand, Kei, who can't help relying on Yu and her smartphone, Miyako, a girl with excessive-high morals, Yuki, a gluttony monster, Yutaka, an ordinary girl, Juri, a masked musician, and Saki, who does not think about anything, were living an elegant yet violent dormitory life at the prestigious St. Panda girls college in Ueno, Tokyo.
The 12 little girls will spend their days playing Rebirth. Let's get started!

Characters & Voice Actors

Yu Toyama: Yuka Nishio

A girl who loves Rebirth! She is full of spirit, but sometimes she gets stressed strangely. In order to meet Kei again, with whom she played Rebirth when they were very young, she formed a team with Chiharu and Shuko to aim toward the national tournament..
Chiharu Wakamiya: Rimi Nishimoto

Yu's classmate who works in a kushikatsu shop next to the card shop where students from Tebasaki High School used to go. She can't help caring for Yu since middle school. Now that Yu is reunited with Kei and starts spending all the time to keep in touch with her, she gets some mixed feelings about it.
Shuko Mino: Amane Shindo

A 14-year-old genius girl who is enrolled in the same class as Yu and the others after skipping a grade at school. Though her tendency to stay away from her surroundings, she is invited to the team by Yu and Chiharu whom she considers as irreplaceable friends. She also cares about Raku-chan, the secretary that is riding on top of her head.
Aoi Nekogahora: Runa Narumi

A little quiet girl who is enthusiastic in research. Her subject of research covers a lot of topics, including extreme ones. It seems that some organizations are aiming at Aoi's research...? Her hair clip is a portable litmus test strip that can be used to examine the acid of alkaline level at any time.

Other TitleRibaasu
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Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Tori to Nasu no Mitsuboshi Stew
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Bushiroad / Asuka Nishi
  • Director: Shinobu Yoshioka
  • Character Design: Yoko Takada
  • Animation Director: Naomi Ogura
  • Sound Director: Ryosuke Naya
  • Music: Akito Matsuda
  • Chief Producer: Takaaki Kitani

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