Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars - Anime Fall 2016

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Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars

Action, Mecha

Airing Date:
September 1 2016


Important Note

Regalia originally started airing on 7 July 2016, but was pulled off the air after four episodes. The series will begin again from the first episode as of 1st September 2016. The DVD/BD releases will be also be delayed for at least a month.

Honey's Highlights

honey's anime character
Imouto Mecha series? Yessssss!
honey's anime character
They are so cute! Have you seen the PV yet? Oh and Shin Tosaka is the director! He made shows like Nurarihyon no Mago and Asura Cryin!
honey's anime character
I don’t know how I f-feel about t-th-this… It seems a bit t-t-too actiony for me… When does it s-s-start?

honey's anime character
Summer 2016. Don’t be scared. Watch a few episodes and see how it does.

Promotional Videos / PV


Due to a certain large and mysterious incident that erased the Leimgard Kingdom from the minds of people 12 years ago, time has once again begun to flow. Sisters Yui and Rena reside currently in the peaceful and tranquil kingdom of Enastria. One day though that all changes when a giant mecha begins to assault their country. On that fateful day, the girls' fate is thrown into the vortex as they try to survive...

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Kaede Hondo

A warm, kind girl who is loved by everybody. Good at all kinds of housework. Her parents have already passed away, so she lives alone with Rena.


Voice Actor: Ayane Sakura

A girl who lives with Yui. She wants to get taller and take care of Yui, but as she won’t let her, Rena often ends up sulking.


Voice Actor: Yui Ogura

Is always with Sara. She’s a big eater despite her small size and is extremely fond of anything tasty.


Voice Actor: Yurika Kubo

A cheerful girl who always looks like she’s having fun. Travelling across the world with her younger sister Tia in order to find a certain person.


Voice Actor: Asami Seto

A cool beauty who uses a calm tone of voice, but will do anything to achieve her goal. Works with Kei.


Voice Actor: Nao Touyama

An enigma of a girl. Works together with Ingrid to fulfil a certain purpose. Calm and quiet.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Divine Spell by True
  • Ending Song: Patria by Minami

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Delegation of Enastoria
  • Director: Shin Tosaka
  • Series Composition: Keigo Koyanagi
  • Character Design: Kimitake Nishio
  • Animation Director: Kimitake Nishio
  • Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
  • Original Illustrator: QP:flapper
  • Music: Ryou Takahashi

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