Reimei no Arcana (Dawn of the Arcana) Vol. 12 Manga Review

A Future They Didn’t Want
  • Mangaka : Toma, Rei
  • Publisher : VIZ
  • Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo
  • Published : October 2013

Reimei no Arcana (Dawn of the Arcana) Vol. 11 Introduction

Belquat has received word that the new ruler of Senan is Nakaba which prompts the Belquat king Guran to send Caesar to attack. Caesar moves out with his personal army but instead of attacking, he and Nakaba joyously reunite. With Senan’s forces behind Nakaba, the two can finally turn their attention to the throne of Belquat. Wanting to know everything about their enemy, Nakaba uses the arcana to look into Guren’s past though Loki fears it will make their decision harder.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Despite having just lost his brother and his home, Akhil is forced to move forward like everyone in the manga. He approaches Nakaba with that familiar twinkle in his eye he gets when discussing arcanas. Using Leo to demonstrate, he shows that the arcana of fire can become hot enough to melt letina and conjects that Belquat must have imprisoned those with the trait to force them to make the powerful swords.

In Belquat, the royal court discusses Nakaba seizing the throne in Senan and King Guran decides it’s a great time to conquer Senan once and for all. Despite Caesar’s rather weak protests, Guran sends his son to lead their armies to attack. Caesar marches out and Nakaba, having seen this with the arcana, rallies the armies of Senan to meet him. A brief dialogue between Caesar and one of his men shows that Caesar has no intention of fighting Senan and has only brought those who share his desire for peace, but he cannot figure out how he can overthrow his father. As he ponders, Nakaba approaches him. Caesar is hesitant to touch for fear he’s only dreaming and she might vanish, but Nakaba takes his hand and the two tearfully embrace. She shows Caesar the army she has brought and vows to help him take Belquat.

In the next scene, Nakaba is in the dark hallway shown to her by the arcana and moves to King Guran’s past. Loki tries to dissuade her not because she’s too weak, but he doesn’t want it to weigh on her. He doesn’t want her to shoulder the same burdens he bares but Nakaba knows that to be a good ruler, you must learn things for yourself and not shy away from the truth. Unfortunately, there’s nothing particularly helpful gained from this. We see how Sara—Cain’s mother—and Guran fell deeply in love and were met with tragedy. Guran had attempted to use an Ajin prisoner with the arcana of time to save Sara, but he was just told that she would die soon. Once she passed, all of Guren’s bitterness and resentment he focused on the Ajin tribe and killed his prisoners and later, Nakaba’s whole village.

Nakaba reconnects with Caesar and can’t help but cry, knowing Caesar was never given the love Guran gave to Sara. The two rally their troops and make use of a hidden door that leads into the castle, but Loki, Caesar, and Nakaba are ambushed by an Ajin guard. He attacks Loki from the back but Caesar swoops in to take the hit and Loki manages to kill the lookout after. Caesar is relatively ok but the look on Loki’s face is almost devastating as he thinks of how Caesar naturally tried to save an Ajin. Perhaps he feels somewhat guilty for not caring for Caesar or for being ready to kill him should it serve Nakaba.

They arrive during the royal family’s dinner and Caesar gets down on one knee to beg the King to give up his plans for war. Guran looks down at his own son with disdain and commands someone to kill him. No one moves, so Guran tells Caesar to fight him and they draw swords. Nakaba still tries to reach the King’s heart with mentions of Sara but, while shaken, Guran goes for Nakaba instead. Caesar’s resolve is hardened and he strikes down his father. Guran’s last thoughts are of how he was too weak to live on kindly as Sara would have wanted but at last, he can leave the empty world behind. Everyone’s still taking in the king’s death and everything leading up to it when Loki steps up and to Nakaba’s bewilderment asks to be given Senan.

Why You Should Read Reimei no Arcana (Dawn of the Arcana) Vol. 12

1. Nakaba and Caesar are Finally Reunited

It’s been a long road of many hardships for our young lovers, filled with sacrifice and death in hopes they can create a happier world for humans and Ajin alike. Even after marrying other people, their love for each other never wavered. Seeing their love for each other reflected in their eyes is beautiful, even if a little painful knowing how Loki feels for Nakaba.

Why You Should Skip Reimei no Arcana (Dawn of the Arcana) Vol. 12

1. Reading It Will Make Guren’s Death Less Satisfying

Through so many volumes, we’re shown Guren’s cruelty and his swiftness in demanding death for people who say things he’s doesn’t want to hear. He’s almost entirely responsible for Nakaba’s horrible life up to this point having sent people to murder her family and the tribe they were living with. He didn’t weep over his dead son and he was ready to kill his only other son simply for asking for an end to the bloodshed. But seeing how tender and thoughtful he was with Sara, how gentle his eyes became when he looked at her, it almost feels like something changed him. But as Caesar said, it wasn’t the Arcana, it was Guren’s weakness that made him this way.

Final Thoughts

It seems that the final pieces have fallen into place with Nakaba and Caesar each becoming the rulers of their countries at last. But Loki’s sudden request for the throne of Senan. His words “Is it finally over?” almost make us think he’s been planning something since the beginning. What on earth could his aspirations be? Will there still be fighting in Nakaba and Caesar’s seemingly hopeful future? We’ll find out in the next and final volume!

Reimei-no-Arcana-manga-12 Reimei no Arcana (Dawn of the Arcana) Vol. 12 Manga Review


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