ReLIFE Live Action PV Released + New Visual

What You Need to Know:

  • Everyone and their mother seems to know what ReLIFE is. The series finished last September and has enjoyed a good wave of popularity. In fact, it has been enough that it is getting a live action movie. We have steadily been bringing you news of this series throughout the last couple of months since it was announced.
  • Today, a new visual and PV have been released. The visual shows Arata both pre-and post-ReLIFE as well as Chizuru together under cherry blossom petals falling. The PV teases the movie quickly showing a few humorous as well as emotional moments. Be sure to check it out below.
  • The movie is currently slated to come out at the perfect time in Japan, April 15th. April is when students begin new years at school, many people enter college, and many people enter the workforce. This could be a great time to help encourage those who are facing reality and may want a ReLIFE of their own.

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mo-happy3 ReLIFE Live Action PV Released + New Visual
I think I have seen the series at least three times now while I wait for this. The series is so good!
mo-happy3 ReLIFE Live Action PV Released + New Visual
I know what you mean. It really is a cute, uplifting series.