Renmei Kuugun Koukuu Mahou Ongaku-tai Luminous Witches (Luminous Witches)

Luminas-Witches-KV Renmei Kuugun Koukuu Mahou Ongaku-tai Luminous Witches (Luminous Witches)

Luminas-Witches-KV Renmei Kuugun Koukuu Mahou Ongaku-tai Luminous Witches (Luminous Witches)

Renmei Kuugun Koukuu Mahou Ongaku-tai Luminous Witches

Military, Sci-Fi, Music, Magic, Ecchi

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The story follows a group of witches known as the Music Squadron, a unique aviation group that travels the globe using the power of music to heal the hearts and minds of those who are fighting the Neuroi or who have been driven from their homes. They are the exact opposite of other witches such as the Joint Fighter Wings, who fight to protect everyone. Instead of fighting, the Music Squadron protects everyone’s smiles with song and music. They are the Allied Air Force Aviation Magic Band Luminous Witches!

Characters & Voice Actors List

Eleonor Giovanna Gashon

Voice Actor: Sayaka Tsuzuki

Her candid attitude often earns her strange looks, but she doesn’t care what other people think. She’s the type of person who can’t stand by and do nothing if she sees someone in trouble. She’s able to talk to cats.

Ludmila Andreevna Ruslanova

Voice Actor: Ami Aimoto

A witch enlisted in the Orussian Army. People always misinterpret her natural energy and busybody personality as an angry temperament, and she can’t understand why. She secretly writes poems in the flight logs. Her familiar is a borzoi.

Virginia Robertson

Voice Actor: Mai Narumi

A young girl from the remote countryside of Britannia who came to London by herself with a certain goal in mind. She possesses a Night Witch’s ability to manipulate radio and magic waves. Being a 14-year-old girl from the countryside, she doesn’t know much about the real world, but she loves the squadron dearly. She’s accompanied by a strange familiar.

Inori Shibuya

Voice Actor: Minako Hosokawa

A girl who is a Fuso Nadeshiko -- the epitome of pure, feminine beauty -- of the Fuso Imperial Army and Navy. She’s the daughter of a military family. Her father is a military officer stationed in Britannia. Generally she is gentle and introverted, but on rare occasions when she decides on something, her stubborn side comes out and she won’t budge an inch. Her familiar is a calico cat.

Islay Peevikki Linnamer

Voice Actor: Ryo Mamiya

The sole ace witch of the Music Squadron. Due to certain circumstances, she left the frontlines and joined the squadron. Though she appears cool, she’s an impassioned big sister that everyone looks up to. She’s close friends with Elly (Eleonor).

Joanna Elizabeth Stafford

Voice Actor: Kyou Tachibana

A girl from New York, Liberion. Her nickname is Jo and her familiar is a prairie dog. Due to her parents being sickly, after awakening as a witch, she joins the Liberion Navy in order to provide for her 8 siblings in their stead. She’s a talented artist, so she’s put in charge of designing the group’s emblem and everyone’s personal insignias. At 12 years old, she’s the youngest member of Luminous Witches, but she sees half of the members as her younger sisters.

Sylvie Caliello

Voice Actor: Miu Kotosaka

A hardworking witch from Romagna who for some unknown reason, received an assignment change to the Music Squadron even though she performed exceptionally well during her training. She’s usually pretty lazy, but when it comes to fashion, her competitive side comes out. She seems to be carrying a secret; perhaps something that has to do with her Romagnan birth and the reason she was transferred.

Maria Magdalene Dietrich

Voice Actor: Momo Hanae

A resolute girl who takes great pride in being a soldier and highly values discipline. She comes from Karlsland, a militaristic nation with a strong military heritage and culture. Although she is not a Night Witch, her flying squirrel familiar is nocturnal so she has excellent night vision. However, she’s not a big morning person.

Manaia Matawaura Hato

Voice Actor: Misaki Yuki

An energetic girl in the New Zeiland Air Force who eats well, sleeps well, and keeps on growing. She loves exercising and can be found dancing whenever she has some free time. Her familiar is a cute but capricious kiwi that doesn’t get along with the other witches’ familiars. She named it “Kii-chan♥”.

Grace Maitland Steward

Voice Actor:

The squadron leader of the Liberion Army. During her active service as a witch, she participated in many battles, including Dunkirk's Retreat and the Battle of Britain, as a soldier of the Liberion Volunteer Army. After retiring from active service, she was transferred to a desk job. However, her belief that songs can save people led to the idea of an aerial magic band composed of witches who can’t participate in battles. She rushed to draw up a budget and find recruits.

Other TitleLuminous Witches
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Fumikane Shimada & Projekt World Witches
  • Director: Shouji Saeki
  • Assistant Director: Kana Shuntou
  • Script: Go Kikuchi / Daifu Kudou
  • Character Design: Fumikane Shimada
  • Animation Director: Studio Pablo
  • Sound Director: Go Wakabayashi
  • Music: KADOKAWA

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