Summer Cute, Middle School Idol Anime Re:Stage! Dream Days♪ Finally Reveals ED in Brand New PV!

Re:Stage! Dream Days♪

Music, Idol

Airing Date:
July 7 2019

Yumeta Company, Graphinica

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Mareboshi Academy, Takao Middle School. The story of a girl who has just transferred into this academy is beginning as the somewhat late mountain sakura begin to fall. Her name is Mana Shikimiya. She has excellent singing and dancing abilities, but has forgotten about her dream to become an idol due to something that happened. Here in this new place, she tries to live an average day-to-day life.

That’s when she meets a member of the song and dance club that’s on the brink of being dissolved and her former dream is revived. Mana now begins to walk towards the dream she tried to give up on, but now with new friends.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Mana Shikimiya

Voice Actor: Amane Makino

Mana is a first-year, middle school student at Takao Middle School who has just transferred in following a situation that had her leave her former school, Homareboshi Academy. She’s introverted and hates being in front of everyone else. She has excellent singing and dancing abilities, and the moment she stands on the stage, all of her hesitation disappears and she demonstrates just how talented she is. She lives together with her grandmother.

Sayu Tsukisaka

Voice Actor: Akari Kitou

Sayu is a first-year middle school student who has been winning competitions and auditions since she was an elementary school student. She wanted to attend Homareboshi Academy, but her parents were against her getting into the showbiz world, and so she is now at Takao. For now, her goal is to become an idol after finishing her education at Takao. She has a strong desire to become an idol leading her to be strict with others from time to time.

Mizuha Ichikishima

Voice Actor: Masumi Tazawa

Mizuha is a third-year middle school student member of the song and dance club. She is the daughter of a shrine with a long and honorable origin, and she is an expert at Kabuki. She has a generally calm disposition, but in order to keep the song and dance club alive, she becomes an idol. She has unexpected connections and there is a sizeable depth to her.

Kae Hiiragi

Voice Actor: Meemu Tachibana

Kae Hiiragi is a first-year middle school student in the same class as Mana and Sayu. She hasn’t really been able to make friends with others since she was in elementary school, and she currently lives alone. She’s great with machines and her room is full of various inventions she has created.

Kasumi Honjou

Voice Actor: Yuka Iwahashi

Kasumi is a second-year middle school student with cool looks and a tight body. She was previously interested in becoming an idol, but she stopped once she entered into middle school. She currently is a member of the airsoft club and is their ace.

Mii Hasegawa

Voice Actor: Yuki Sorami

Mii is an up and coming solo idol artist. She appears at all sorts of events, and with her right-sided pose, cute girgure, and singing voice, she can drive her fans wild. She has a tendency to add ‘Mii’ to the end of words and sentences.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Don’t think, Smile!! by KiRaRe
  • Ending Song: Akogare Future Sign (Piano Strings Arrange) by KiRaRe

Main Staff
  • Director: Shin Katagai
  • Series Composition: team yoree
  • Character Design: Genji Taniguchi
  • Sound Director: Toshiki Kameyama
  • Original Illustrator: Tsubasu Izumi

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