Rilu Rilu Fairilu Mahou no Kagami Gets Honey's Highlights!

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Rilu Rilu Fairilu 2nd Season

Kodomomuke, Slice of Life, Action, Magic

Airing Date:
April 7 2017

Studio Deen

Honey’s Highlights

honeys anime character
Rilu Rilu Fairilu sounds like a magic spell!
honeys anime character
Oh Mo-chan haha. Oh! Studio Deen is doing this!? Wow usually this is Bandai Namco or something like that!
honeys anime character
True. It's cute even if it is Kodomomuke! It has Aya Uchida and Yumiri Hanamori as seiyuu too!

honeys anime character
Ahhh they were in Ai Mai Mii and Anne Happy respectuflly! They are pretty big seiyuu then. This should be a good watch!

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The 2nd season of Rilu Rilu Fairilu.

Fairilu are small, winged fairies that are born from Fairy Seeds. In Little Fairilu, where flower, bug, and mermaid fairies live, every day is full of wonderful events. In order to find their own special door just for them, they go to school and learn all sorts of things, play with their friends, and participate in events. Every week you can meet lots of Fairilu, each with their own characteristic traits!

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Yumiri Hanamori

A tulip Fairilu. She’s kind of a weakling and a crybaby, but her heart is stronger and more determined than anyone else. She overcomes things she think she can’t do with a mysterious power. She might be the most talented one out of them?!


Voice Actor: Aya Uchida

A sunflower Fairilu. Has a really cheerful personality and is popular with everyone. She sometimes feels down, but cheers up when she is with everyone else. She often messes around, which annoys Sumire. She loves singing and dancing.


Voice Actor: Rina Hidaka

A violet Fairilu. A dependent sort who pays attention to the finer details. Many people think she is cold, but she’s actually a kind girl who is sensitive to other’s feelings. She loves beautiful things and is good at drawing. She’s very fashionable and even designs clothes.


Voice Actor: Aina Kusuda

A rose Fairilu. Just as a rose has its thorns, Rose is a proper young lady who can sometimes come off as harsh. However, she’s a bit of a clutz so you just can’t hate her. She is very competitive and puts a lot of effort into her studies and outfits.

Nozomu Hanamura

Voice Actor: Natsuki Hanae

Having strongly believed in Fairilu since he was young, his dream is to become a Fairilu researcher. He is quiet and kind, and is very passionate when it comes to Fairilu. He opens a tiny door and witnesses the birth of Lip.

Other TitleRilu Rilu Fairilu: Mahou no Kagami
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Papipupe PON! by Apink
  • Ending Song: Onegailogy by Q-pitch

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Sanrio, Sega Toys
  • Director: Nana Imanaka, Sakura Gojou
  • Series Composition: Akemi Omode
  • Character Design: Hitoshi Yamaguchi
  • Sound Director: Hiroshi Yamamoto

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