Rin Kurusu to Make Major Debut with Lantis Official Fan Club Launched!

Rin-Kurusu-Artist-Photo-scaled Rin Kurusu to Make Major Debut with Lantis Official Fan Club Launched!

What You Need to Know:

  • Rin Kurusu, a former idol who had announced her intention to pursue voice acting, will be making her major debut under Lantis, the music label of Bandai Namco Music Live. Her artist debut has been slated for spring and was announced during a live broadcast on her official YouTube channel.
  • The artist's photo, released alongside the announcement, embodies the theme of "innocence." It features Rin as an “angel reborn from an idol to a voice actress,” set against a transparent white background. The photo captures Rin's transformation and highlights her new beginning as a voice actress.
  • To coincide with her major label debut, an official artist website and staff Twitter account have been launched. Keep an eye on these channels for updates on future releases and artist activities.
  • To commemorate Rin’s major debut, an official fan club named “Kuruzu” (pronounced “Cruise”) will be established. The name symbolizes embarking on an adventure with Rin as the captain of the ship. The fan club will offer exclusive digital content for members, including videos, photos, and audio, as well as opportunities for events and merchandise sales.
  • Comment from Rin Kurusu

    “I am thrilled to announce my major label debut with Lantis. Taking this first step towards my lifelong dream is a joyous occasion for me. I aim to repay the support from my fans with the same fervent emotions that I have always felt for my beloved voice actresses and artists. And I will strive to reach and connect with as many people as possible who don’t know me.”

  • Official website/social media
  • Profile

    Date of birth: November 8, 2000
    Blood type: Type A
    Hobby: Video games

    Rin Kurusu made her debut as a member of an idol group in 2016. In 2018, she won the Grand Prix at Seikore 18, an audition sponsored by Weekly Young Jump. The following year, she was chosen for SS ELEVEN, which marked the 40th anniversary of the first issue of Weekly Young Jump. In 2020, she starred in the leading role of the drama “Kimi no Namae wo Sukite Kaita.” In 2022, she published her first photobook, “Rin to Shite.” Now, in spring 2023, she is making her major debut with Lantis, a record label specializing in anime and game-related music. Rin Kurusu, who has had a successful career as an idol, model, and actress for six years, is now embarking on a new journey as a voice actress on a fresh stage.

Source: Official Press Release