Robomasters - Fall 2017

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Robomasters the Animated Series

Action, School

Airing Date:
October 13, 2017

Dandelion Animation Studio LLC, GONZO

Honey’s Highlights

bee-disgust Robomasters - Fall 2017
This is.... an anime... about... drones... Hokay...
bee-disgust Robomasters - Fall 2017
There was Keijo so I don't wanna hear it!
bee-disgust Robomasters - Fall 2017
This feels almost shounen in nature like Medabots or Beyblade.
bee-disgust Robomasters - Fall 2017
I can see that. Just everyone is in college. Interesting. I'll check it out this season.

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It’s spring when students begin to attend university. Amid the large crowds of new students being invited to join various clubs and activities, there is Tantan. However, Tantan is completely devoted to the improvement of his original drone, KAKA. He conducts tests with KAKA to fetch and retrieve flying disks from behind the school buildings to the seashore. One day while conducting a test, a sea breeze catches one of the discs and it comes crashing down on a girl. This accident begins to guide Tantan’s closed heart towards a great growth.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Dandan Fang

Voice Actor: Daiki Yamashita

Dandan Fang is a first year student at Sheng Gang University of Science & Technology researching the twin loader robot KAKA. He and Shine have known each other since they were children. Dandan does not want to get involved with others, and when he is concentrating on something, he is the type to block out everything around him. He has painful memories regarding ROBO MASTERS.

Zhun Zheng

Voice Actor: Yuuichirou Umehara

Zhun is the leader of Clear Water Bay Studio and the classmate of Ruohan Xiao. He is confident in his abundance of knowledge about robotic theory and technique. Zhun is easily dislikeable because he freely says what he wants. Previously he was on a team with Captain Wang and Yunteng Li, but due to an incident, they have went their separate ways.

Ruohan Xiao

Voice Actor: Lynn

Ruohan is the manager of the Clear Water Bay Studio. She is the gentle older sister type who looks after everyone and takes care of them.


Voice Actor: Rumi Ookubo

Shine is one year younger than Dandan. As his childhood friend, she looks after him. Her family runs a used electronics store which means that she is quite knowledge about electronics.

Jun Wang

Voice Actor: Fukushi Ochihai

Jun Wang is also a first-year student at Sheng Gang University of Science & Technology and the roommate of Dandan. The upbeat type, he tends to set the mood of the group. Together with Dandan, he joins the Clear Water Bay Studio, but he does not have any sort of specific knowledge.

Yiqi Meng

Voice Actor: Shunsuke Takeuchi

Yiqi is a Machine Design Specialist. Expressionless, he does not waste his time speaking about pointless things. He is the type that when he sees a machine, he wants to break it down part by part and the reassemble it part by part.


Voice Actor: Ruriko Aoki

Karatina is a second-year student at Sheng Gang University of Science & Technology and loves online games. She has fantastic maneuvering skills, but when she does not feel like it, she does not come to the Clear Water Bay Studio. A free individual, she is part of a band in addition to ROBO MASTERS.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Super nova by un:c
  • Ending Song: Higher Maker by Saori Fukuyama

Main Staff
  • Director: Yasutaka Yamamoto
  • Script: Kenichi Yamashita
  • Series Composition: Kenichi Yamashita
  • Character Design: Kirin
  • Sound Director: Takeshi Takadera
  • Music: Yoshihiro Ike

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