Rocket Wars - Steam/PC Review

rocketwars-Rocket-Wars-Capture-500x166 Rocket Wars - Steam/PC Review

A great way to build friendships and bring everyone together.

Game Info

  • System: PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One
  • Publisher: Rooftop Panda
  • Developer: Archon Interactive
  • Release Date: June 15, 2017
  • Price:$7.18 (Steam summer sale)
  • Rating: E
  • Genre: Action, Indie, Shooter
  • Players: Single Player, Local Multiplayer, Local Co-op
  • Official Website:

Rocket Wars Steam Teaser

Who it Caters to

rocketwars-Rocket-Wars-Capture-500x166 Rocket Wars - Steam/PC Review
Friendships play such a major role in our lives because they’re the fabric that make up our entire human existence. Without relationships, the world would not have all of the vibrant colors that it currently exhibits, but also, much of life would just be a complete bore. Not all friendships last forever and that’s partly due to maturing, or perhaps the seasons have passed and it’s now time for a glorious change of pace in your life. Whatever the reason behind it all, one thing’s for certain and it’s that friendships are essential to the well being and longevity of humanity. So why all of this philosophical chit chat about Rocket Wars? Well for one it’s a multiplayer that can be played locally with friends, and it’s a great way to have fun without dishing out too much of your money. There’s no need for a dinner party or trip to the amusement park; Rocket Wars provides all of the excitement within the realm of your own home. Of course, if you wanted you could throw in a few pints to make things interesting, but what we’re trying to say is Rocket Wars is a very fun game to play with friends.

What to Expect

rocketwars-Rocket-Wars-Capture-500x166 Rocket Wars - Steam/PC Review
There are a plethora of multiplayer titles out there but none that really allow players to come together in one room to enjoy themselves. You do have the likes of Mario Party and the vast array of other party titles, but Rocket Wars isn’t about collecting coins or participating in mini games. Rocket Wars is an all out battle for dominance as you desperately try to avoid getting zapped by your bestie, and trying not to destroy your friendship all at the same time. Remember those days when Monopoly was the friendship killer? Well Rocket Wars shares some similarity in that the harder you play, the more likely you are to trigger someone in the room and cause problems. Mind you this is all in good fun (we hope) so whether you win or lose shouldn’t be the case, but rather it should all be about bringing everyone together for a good space battle. Choose from an assortment of modes such as the classic Free-For-All or team up with your buddy to take out the other side in Team Deathmatch. Whatever your flavor Rocket Wars comes with a great assortment to choose from, and the hours will just zoom on by.


rocketwars-Rocket-Wars-Capture-500x166 Rocket Wars - Steam/PC Review
So this is perhaps what you all came here for: to know whether this game is worth the money or not. To get that thought out of the way we’ll say a resounding yes in that, Rocket Wars is certainly worth every penny should you have friends around (we pray that you do). The reason we say this is because if you don’t have friends in the area, Rocket Wars sadly suffers from a lack of online multiplayer. As we were saying earlier with regards to multiplayer titles coming in a variety of flavors, Rocket Wars shares that Mario Party feeling where it’s not about disconnecting players but rather bringing them together to create more connectivity. While the lack of online multiplayer may be a turnoff for some, we have to remember that just 15-20 years ago, we could barely play an online game without there being severe lag involved. Our Nintendo 64’s were getting hours of gameplay because all of the games encouraged players to get up off their couches and race over to their friends house for all nighters.

rocketwars-Rocket-Wars-Capture-500x166 Rocket Wars - Steam/PC Review

Rocket Wars tries to bring back those good old days of bringing everyone together and just running a muck in outer space, as you try to blast your opponents away with powerups. Rocket Wars allows you to choose from 12 different ships, all of which come with their own unique attributes to aid you battle. It may sound basic to the typical spoiled brat who has become so obsessed with the online infrastructure of party titles, but we honestly suggest playing Rocket Wars for at least 2 hours and see how much fun you’ll have. It’s the type of game you throw on when you’re having a sleepover or perhaps you’ve just come home from the club and the crew needs to let off some steam. On the surface it’s just a wild party title that has loads of competitive options and retro style visuals, but under the hood lies a relationship building game that can help to repair broken bonds and even create new ones. Just had an argument with your significant other? Turn on Rocket Wars and settle the score without resorting to conflicts you may regret. Need an icebreaker to attract that cute girl in the room at the party? Tell her you’re a god at Rocket Wars and you’d like to battle her to prove your dominance. Ok maybe not the last example, but you get our drift. Rocket Wars doesn’t try to throw online options at you because it really doesn’t have to. Its true purpose is to create an environment where everyone can have fun, converse and go home either on tilt or on cloud nine. Whatever the end result the truth remains and it’s that, Rocket Wars blasts away all of that social anxiety in one moment and all that’s left is you and your friends having a laugh over who got destroyed first.

rocketwars-Rocket-Wars-Capture-500x166 Rocket Wars - Steam/PC Review
A game doesn’t need to have glorious visuals or an incredible story to have appeal, what matters is how you feel at the end of it all. The pace is frantic, the colors are wild, the weapons are vast, and the replay value is limitless so long as you have friends in the room to keep things going. You could always opt in for the CPU if you don’t have anyone around which isn’t too bad, but in the end it’s all about bringing people together so instead of watching Youtube videos alone, grab your cell and text your friends to come over for a while because they won’t regret it.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

rocketwars-Rocket-Wars-Capture-500x166 Rocket Wars - Steam/PC Review

Rocket Wars is simple yet effective in its approach and doesn’t try to become a product of its environment, which is pretty much online gameplay all over the place. Now we aren’t against online multiplayer because it too has become the fabric of most major titles out on the market, but we simply cannot pass up an opportunity to build our social prowess and engage in a chaotic space battle for supremacy. For its price tag of only $7 at the time writing this, it should be a no brainer to click the buy button and add it to your Steam library. Of course Rocket Wars will not last forever but at least it’ll help to perhaps create a long lasting bond between you and those you’re surrounded by. No game is ever meant to last forever because there will always be something fresh to take its place, but in the meantime while we’re still living in the moment do us a favor and grab Rocket Wars because it’ll do you well in the end.

Honey's Pros:

  • Retro visuals and atmosphere.
  • Lasting appeal with its great multiplayer options.
  • Encourages everyone to play in the same room and build relationships.
  • Wild, crazy and fun.
  • Full controller support.

Honey's Cons:

  • Lack of online play may turn some off.
  • Customization isn’t very deep.

Honey's Final Verdict:

Rocket Wars will not appeal to everyone and that we can totally understand. As they say one person’s junk is another person’s treasure, and perhaps this game fits that image. No, we’re not saying Rocket Wars is junk but rather it’s just not going to grab the attention of everyone. We encourage anyone to play what they enjoy first and foremost because in the end, we’re gamers after all. Rocket Wars just provides a nice experience and an escape from reality for a while, as you try to control your ship and not die in a chaotic space battle royale. We hope you’ve found this review to be informative and insightful, while giving you a better idea as to whether to buy it or not. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on all the latest gaming news and reviews, along with Twitch to watch us live!

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rocketwars-Rocket-Wars-Capture-500x166 Rocket Wars - Steam/PC Review


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