RPG Maker Fes - Nintendo 3DS Review

Box-Art-RPG-Maker-Fes-Capture-300x368 RPG Maker Fes - Nintendo 3DS Review

Game Info: (Box Display)

  • System: Nintendo 3DS
  • Publisher: NIS America, Inc.
  • Developer: Kadokawa Games
  • Release Date: Jun 27, 2017

Who it Caters to

Box-Art-RPG-Maker-Fes-Capture-300x368 RPG Maker Fes - Nintendo 3DS Review
Always wanted to create your own JRPG but have no game making skills? RPG Maker Fes gives players all they need to create their own adventures. Players can customize characters, dungeons, towns and more with easy to use tools that the game provides. Once a creator feels confident, you can share your work with anyone who owns RPG Maker Fes so they can enjoy it to their hearts content. Even better is that you can download other players’ creations and play them on your own Nintendo 3DS. RPG Maker Fes gives the user the ability to feel like a game developer and create truly one of a kind stories and games.

What to Expect

Box-Art-RPG-Maker-Fes-Capture-300x368 RPG Maker Fes - Nintendo 3DS Review
RPG Maker Fes offers the series staple tools to create amazing RPGs now on the portable Nintendo 3DS system. With tons of options, players can truly make a game they feel proud of. RPG Maker Fes may have been shrunk down for a handheld experience but Kadokawa Games didn’t skimp out providing loads of customizable features. Players can customize special attacks, finishing moves and even how a character slams into a wall or finds a secret passageway. RPG Maker Fes even allows players to customize story details down to the letter. True freedom to create a fun and unique RPG lies in your hands thanks to RPG Maker Fes.


Box-Art-RPG-Maker-Fes-Capture-300x368 RPG Maker Fes - Nintendo 3DS Review
RPG Maker Fes has no story. However, that leaves players the ability to create whatever types of stories they wish to. Want to have a hero become the villain or vice a versa, have an ideal of how a group should save the world and or an epic journey full of twists turns? All these and millions of more ideas can be crafted thanks to the myriad of details players can infuse into their RPGs. While there is no story set in stone, players can make the story they want and be excited to see the results.


Box-Art-RPG-Maker-Fes-Capture-300x368 RPG Maker Fes - Nintendo 3DS Review
RPG Maker Fes isn’t the first title in the RPG Maker series, but it’s certainly one of the better portable ones we’ve played here at Honey’s Anime. Players will find everything from dungeons, their sizes, characters, events, positions and so forth can be altered in many different ways. Add to this already large amount, but players will find that there are a few dozen pre-created sprites and monsters to use in their games. There aren’t a lot of game modes but a game like RPG Maker Fes doesn’t need them. Players can download titles, create their own, test their own and a few other options that could presume future DLC content which would be interesting. This may be a simplified version of RPG Maker games on consoles or the PC but it sure doesn’t feel like it.

Speaking of sprites and monster let’s talk about the graphics as well as the variety of them. This being a RPG Maker title, RPG Maker Fes does indeed have a lot of dungeons, cities and various environmental objects that players can place. While they all look gorgeous, especially for a 3DS, we do have some issues. Honestly, we felt there wasn’t enough monster and human sprites in the game. While the ones offered do look impressive, it just felt a bit lacking to us. This will hinder what types of RPGs players can make but not enough to be a big detriment.

Music wise, the amount of tracks is pretty good. There are plenty of different types of battle music to use and a lot of various ambient BGM music to use as well. While we, of course, would have loved more of a variation, what we got in RPG Maker Fes is plenty and we’re sure longtime fans will agree with our opinion. Overall, the music won’t blow you away if you’re someone who grew up with old school JRPGs and RPGs, but the music feels nostalgic in a good way. Who knows, maybe there will be DLC for some more music tracks, fingers crossed.

Now as we said earlier, the ability to download games is something that will be what most will enjoy in RPG Maker Fes if they find the creation concept too challenging. We could only play a few user created games, probably other reviewers like us, but what we saw was a large amount of possibilities. We’d say if you give the game at least several months you’ll find some very intricate and detailed games to play and the fact you can download them quickly and for free is truly a nice extra of RPG Maker Fes. Think of it this way, you’re not bound to one RPG like most games but have the possibility of hundreds to pick and play. Sounds appealing right?

The only issue we’re sure people will have with RPG Maker Fes is how much time they are willing to invest in a game like this. RPG Maker games in general have a targeted audience of gamers who would love to be able to feel what it would be like to create any type of RPG and share it with others. RPG Maker Fes gives that in a simplified package but it’s still a truly daunting task to create a game that is not only playable but will be well received. The amount of detail one can pour into RPG Maker Fes is only hindered by the player’s skill base and their creativity. This will surely turn a lot of people away from the gate but we here at Honey’s Anime wish to say that even with our lack of skills we were able to create some basic world settings so it’s not impossible.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Box-Art-RPG-Maker-Fes-Capture-300x368 RPG Maker Fes - Nintendo 3DS Review
Overall, RPG Maker Fes may be the game you’re looking for it you’re a content creator or love playing other’s hard worked titles. RPG Maker Fes truly has some amazing amounts of customizable options all on a portable system. Animation and music really hits that classic JRPG or RPG feeling which is a good thing if you’re into older gaming titles. However, we won’t lie; the lack of some guidance, at times, will annoy those who are new to the RPG Maker series and even newcomers will have a lot of trials and tribulations ahead. Despite that though, if you have the patience and time to pour into RPG Maker Fes and trust us that will be a lot, then you will find an amazing title to add to your 3DS collection. We couldn’t play a lot of other content made from others yet, but we’re sure in a few months we’ll find the download section flooded with amazing RPGs created by others.

Honey's Pros:

Impressive graphics

  • Loads of Customizable Options
  • Tons of Detail
  • Very Detailed Interface
  • Ability to Download Others Creations

Honey's Cons:

  • Meant for hardcore creators
  • Definitely a niche audience
  • Doesn’t hold your hand
  • Lacking in some sprites

Honey's Final Verdict:

Box-Art-RPG-Maker-Fes-Capture-300x368 RPG Maker Fes - Nintendo 3DS Review
RPG Maker Fes is truly one of those for a niche audience games. The amount of customizable options is almost dizzying but if you’re a person who has always wanted to make RPGs or JRPGs, then RPG Maker Fes is right up your alley. With so many features people can tweak and alter and the fact it’s portable, RPG Maker Fes is easily one of the best RPG Maker titles available. We won’t say any of our games made on it are amazing but we’re sure once people get a hold of RPG Maker Fes players around the world will see some truly stunning games. With that folks we wrap up our review of RPG Maker Fes and hope we have given you a solid review as always. Let us know in the comments down below and be sure to stick around to our wonderful site for even more great gaming reviews.

Box-Art-RPG-Maker-Fes-Capture-300x368 RPG Maker Fes - Nintendo 3DS Review


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