Rymans Club

Rymans Club

Sports, Drama

Airing Date:
January 22, 2022


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Mikoto Shiratori is a prodigy badminton player with exceptionally gifted eyes. However, due to a trauma at an inter-high school competition, he couldn’t perform at his best. After graduating, badminton simply becomes a hobby for him. Mikoto joins the workforce and gets a job at Mitsuhoshi Bank, where he becomes a member of their powerhouse badminton team. However, he is fired from the company and is now at wits’ end. Following up on an offer from Sunlight Beverage, he joins the sales department team and has a chance to reignite his passion for badminton. As a new employee, he can’t seem to get used to the work and the company’s badminton team is weak and underachieving. If that weren’t enough, his coworker, Tatsuru Miyazumi, is a crude, boisterous middle-aged man who invades his personal space.

Mikoto, the former prodigy and new recruit, and the dynamic thirtysomething “badminton salary man” are practically glued to the hip. However, the birth of this polar opposite duo reawakens Mikoto, who has nearly given up on his dream.

Characters & Voice Actors

rymans-club-kv-scaled Rymans Club
Mikoto Shiratori: Junya Enoki

A badminton player who works for the sales department at Sunlight Beverage. He was once called a prodigy, but after a trauma at an inter-high school competition, he lost his edge. He’s a big eater and likes spicy food. He also likes natto cola, a strange product from Sunlight Beverage, so it’s safe to say that he has quite a unique palate.
rymans-club-kv-scaled Rymans Club
Tatsuru Miyazumi: Shinichiro Miki

One of the employees in the sales department at Sunlight Beverage and a member of the company’s badminton team. He gets paired up with Mikoto both in the office and on the court. He’s friendly, ignores physical boundaries and is annoying at all times, but he’s the top performer in the company. He’s also a skilled badminton player and can hold his own against Mikoto, the so-called prodigy.
rymans-club-kv-scaled Rymans Club
Sota Saeki: Kaito Ishikawa

An employee in the quality assurance department at Sunlight Beverage and a singles player in the company’s badminton team. He’s the older brother of Toya Saeki, Mikoto’s coworker. He comes across as a laid back guy and even his playing style in badminton is level-headed. You could say that he’s reliable, but he is often reluctant to do things. Playing video games is his hobby.
rymans-club-kv-scaled Rymans Club
Toya Saeki: Ryota Osaka

An employee in the planning department at Sunlight Beverage and a doubles player in the company’s badminton team. He was classmates with Mikoto in high school. His badminton partner is Takeda from sales, and he makes full use of his inherent explosiveness and instincts on the court. He lives together with his brother Sota, who is four years older than him, in order to cut down on his living expenses.
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Koki Takeda: Tetsuya Kakihara

Another employee at Sunlight Beverage who works in the sales department with Mikoto and Tatsuru. He’s doubles partners with Toya. He’s a good communicator and his always cheerful, clownish behavior makes him stand out, but he actually has stage fright and is astonishingly weak when it comes to real matches.
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Hayato Kirishima: Jun Fukuyama

A badminton player who belongs to Unisics. He is the older brother of Takuma Kirishima, who works for Mitsuhoshi Bank. He’s paired with his childhood friend, Taiki Oginome, and they are ranked No. 2 in the world in men’s badminton doubles. Taking advantage of his perfect looks, he is also a model and will soon be releasing his first photobook. He has mixed feelings about his younger brother, Takuma.
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Azuma Tachibana: Taku Yashiro

A badminton player who belongs to Tomari Transport. He was Mikoto’s best friend in junior and senior high school. He invited Mikoto to join the badminton club in junior high, and they played doubles together until senior high school. At the time, he felt inferior teaming up with Mikoto, who was considered a prodigy. Currently, he is paired with Shiryu Tonosaki.
rymans-club-kv-scaled Rymans Club
Takuma Kirishima: Yuma Uchida

A badminton player who belongs to Mitsuhoshi Bank. His brother Hayato Kirishima belongs to Unisics. He is incredibly skilled and ranks No. 1 in the world in men’s badminton doubles. His current partner is Naohiro Izumo. During high school, he played Mikoto at an inter-high school tournament and won. He is determined to continue playing doubles with his brother Hayato.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "The Warrior" by Novelbright
  • Ending Song: "Nisen Gohyaku man Bun no Ichi" by Mafumafu
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Team RMC
  • Director: Aiya Yamauchi
  • Series Composition: Teruko Utsumi / Aiya Yamauchi
  • Character Design: Majiro
  • Sound Director: Satoshi Motoyama
  • Original Illustrator: Yasuda Suzuhito
  • Music: fox capture plan

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