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Manga: Kanemori, Ayami
Label / Distributor: Piccoma
Sachi Usui is a 27-year-old office lady with poor luck in life. She's so busy with work that she's resigned herself to having instant noodles and other unhealthy food from convenience stores for dinner every night. One day as she's stocking up on instant food from the convenience store, a guy from a group of three men asks her "Can you really get energy from that kind of food?" These men are actually from Ensenji Temple, where the head priest Gendou is an amazing cook. The next day, Sachi meets the guy again, and he invites her to go flower viewing at the temple.

Moved by the Buddhist cuisine that they treat her to and their words of encouragement, Sachi finds herself inspired to cook with fresh ingredients from the supermarket for the first time in a long time. Sachi continues visiting the temple to learn more about cooking, and her state of mind and lifestyle start slowly changing.

(Source: Clairparfait)